I just made the trek across the island over the Pali Highway from remote vieiwng class at Glenn's to my home in Makiki.

Setting out from Glenn's on Kahekili Highway in the dark I had a visual overlay ( I actually saw superimposed on the highway before my windshield) for as long as a Visual Ideogram lasts - flashing lights, emergency vehicles. I also had (just for as long as you get in Playfair) a momentary feeling of suspension- of unreality of realizing you are in an accident.

It startled me. I slowed down. Several minutes later on the townbound side of the Pali tunnel I saw a car stopped, and odd lights off to the side. A car was off the road and overturned, its headlights still on, but at an odd angle. Someone had just run off the road and flipped. People had stopped and were looking to see about the people in the car.

The emergency vehicles had not showed up yet, so there were no flashing police or ambulance lights. It had just happened. That was still yet to come.

Eerie little tagging precog moment.

This capped off a night of Glenn rolling the Roulette wheel EVERY SINGLE ROLL over and over and over and over and over and over again... ALL RED. Non stop. Did not lose a single bet.

Then Jason rolling black EVERY SINGLE ROLL over and over and over over and over and over again. Every time.

Then Ann getting in the groove and hitting red, red, red.

And I capped it off by calling 00 Green with a big stack of chips and that's what came up.

If we had been in Vegas tonight we'd be counting the loot.