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    Very interesting post on augmentation. This is something many of us have been wondering about, sensing that it is a delicate topic you are not at liberty to fully disclose. I need to re-read the post a few more times.

    About Monday class.... In your series of targets are you going to work that next target for us on Monday night? The last one was March 17, 4 1/2 months ago. At that pace it will take several years to complete the stated goal of 5 targets.

    I have the video equipment ready, and it would be interesting to get another experiment going.


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    Since I worked the 1st target I have been pondering on ways to use target data to design or put together a viable attempt to leave a message via entrainment. I explained the approach I took in the 1st target and am still wrestling with whether or not it was a viable effort. I know you want to run some more tape and see some Remote Viewing, but I still need to process some thoughts on what exactly I am going to do. In the meantime standby or better yet let's discuss more possible ways to deal with target data and entrainment design. It would be nice to throw more brains at this.


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