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    Aloha All,

    After going through Dick's latest session work I began to think a bit about his correlation of the work and the LST Time. The 13:30 Local Sidereal Time window for working targets continues to be of interest to many Remote Viewers. While no one really understands the truth of what exactly happens during this window we do have some ideas about what occurs and we have the session work to analyze. There are several positions to take about the 13:30 LST window, some more plausible than others.

    The common component in any position is Time. While we have arbitrary methods to measure it, and often apply different clocks simultaneously, it is the common element most ignored. Time will lead us to the solution once we better understand it. Time is so indelibly linked to observation it is often overlooked simply because it is so obvious. At 13:30 Local Sidereal Time in your location the bulk of the Earth blocks, or masks, your location from the prime lobe of all radiated energy emanating from our Galaxy center.

    So we believe that the Earth itself attenuates some aspect of noise that allows improved performance in Remote Viewing activities. But it doesn't block Time, or does it? Time is what, a calculation, a measurement, a linear scale that we all must travel? What if Time were actually more than what we suspect it to be. If mass can distort Time where would we find the Time distortion caused by the Earth's mass? More than likely it would be in the Earth's core and to a lesser degree the Umbra or shadow of the Earth away from the celestial center. The 13:30 Local Sidereal Time is exactly when your location rests in the Earth's Umbra. So the question to ask is what exactly is time really?

    Time passes or does it travel? Time is, was, and will be, or so it seems. What is Time's relationship to consciousness? Without Time consciousness is what? The Remote Viewer views or observes and observation is linked to Time. Without consciousness would Time even exist at all? Perhaps there really is no Time and no Consciousness but something else, something that only exists when it is observed. Time could be an artifact of Consciousness or the reverse could be true. It is an interesting enigma indeed, but let's get back to the Remote viewer. We have a viewer, in his time, attempting to make an observation at a target distant in space and time. Consciousness must be able to navigate not only space, but time as well for the viewer to obtain data from the remote target. Now this is an abstract of our normal perception of space and the time needed to navigate it.

    The secrets begin to reveal themselves when we focus on just Consciousness and Time. It is unlikely that either would exist without the other. Observation requires both and that is a key of sorts when we think about the global nature of awareness. We are aware only in a continuum of both Time and Consciousness.

    There is a belief that time is linear but that is merely its' two-dimensional portrayal, easy to illustrate on a slide or chart, but no closer to the truth than science's understanding of consciousness. Time is more than likely a Field and Consciousness must be its' twin, to be so interlinked they must also be more alike than different. If both Time and Consciousness are Fields then there is another sibling that is hidden, unseen, and more than likely linked to the plasma that permeates the Universe and all matter. So both Time and Consciousness have a shadow and it is here the viewer slips between the two.

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