Aloha All,

Monday's class was a continuation of our recent discussions on the nature of consciousness and time. I want to thank all of you for bending your brains for those two hours on this most interesting of topics. The concepts presented are not easy to wrap one's brain around I assure you, but as you ponder them it does get easier to decide what is possible or probably or at best an arbitrary truth. It is important to consider whether one could exist without the other and what value the answer has to the voice within the intellect of your own mind. Are we being pulled by the future or pushed by the past? Just what propels our consciousness as we race the future or do we merely observe while it all rushes past us and we observe what we can as it all surges by.

That Time and Consciousness are more alike than is known is a distinct possibility. I want you to think for a bit about the origins of both. Time and Consciousness must have a common origin, the same mother. In a Universe where magic is the knowledge sensed but its secrets denied we must look at what we do know, what we can conceptualize. Because the consciousness of the Remote Viewer moves so easily to the past, it gives us clues to the nature of both time and consciousness. The fields of both must be so entwined that we cannot move in consciousness without moving in time and the reverse must also be true. When we look forward it is not only to the future, but to the past of the future beyond and looking back it not just to a past but to the past future of the past before it. It is a continuum of the observable and it is very important to learn to navigate it.

I mentioned in an earlier post that if time and consciousness exist then there must be a third entity, a path between the two. The culmination of the trinity must be the plasma that encases every molecule of mass and every quantum bit in our Universe. Even time must have its' plasma shell and the only savior for the sanctuary of your own mind is the plasma that allows containment and identity to exist. Perhaps a prison for some but for those that learn to navigate its pathways it presents a series of interesting questions. What do you want to know? And where do you want to go?


...Perhaps you only want to be 17 again....for a moment...forever