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Thread: Operational Target - Urgent

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    Targeteer Guest

    Default Operational Target - Urgent

    Hello All,

    Here's another opp target for you.


    J 4 T 0 – E 9 P 2 (for easier reading)

    Please bring your work to class or email to Please designate the target ID in your email subject line. Do not share your work with anyone at this point.

    Feedback date for this target is not yet determined.


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    gen_x Guest

    Default targets for all?

    Are these targets HRVG only or would you accept and feedback outside viewers sessions

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    Targeteer Guest


    Hi Daz,

    We could use all the sessions we can get on this one HRVG or not.


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    gen_x Guest

    Default Hi guys.

    Well if u can wait a few more days I can do some sessions over the weekend for you.


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    Targeteer Guest


    Daz, please resend me your session.

    thank you

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    gen_x Guest

    Post Just re sent

    Hi, Ive just resen this.

    If you need expansion of any data - more sessions or have more targets then Let me know always willing to work with HRVG guys n gals

    all the best...


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    Targeteer Guest


    Got it Daz. Thank you. Sessions have been submitted for analysis.

    Thank you to everyone who worked this target.


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