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    Fortune Guest

    Default Conference

    I'll be getting a ride to Vegas thursday perhaps getting there early to mid evening and staying at Tuscany. Co-ed lodging we may have a third person not coming and a couch for rent real cheap if theres a need.Theres a small kitchenette with stove and separate shower tub and casino on site.

    Does anyone know which casinos have keno? Anyone going that can give me a quick tutorial? Contact me anyone who'd like to meet up, i expect there's voicemail at the Tuscany. It was great fun finally meeting Glenn and his charming sidekick jason. I'll be bringing my camera if any of you all would like to have yer pix taken.

  2. Default Aloha Fortune...

    I look forward to seeing you again, and I am sure we can fill you in about Keno


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    Fortune Guest


    oH GROOVY I PLAYED IT ONCE AND IT WAS THE ONLY GAME EXCEPT PINBALL AND SCRABBLE I EVER WON MONEY ON. opps sorry caps . When is thirteen thirty vegas time?

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    Default IRVA Conference

    For those who attended the conference, how did it go yesterday? How was Dick's presentation received?

    Take care,

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    RJB9796 Guest

    Default Outbounder Target?

    If anyone can shed light on what the outbounder target was at the conference, I would be curious to know as I worked it privately a week before. E-mail preferred, thanks!


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    Tamra Guest

    Default Dick's presentation at the conference

    Quote Originally Posted by Sita
    For those who attended the conference, how did it go yesterday? How was Dick's presentation received?

    Take care,
    He was a great MC and his presentation was nothing short of awesome. My mention of it on the Star Gate list said this:

    "Saturday day we heard from Jessica Utts, Dick Alligire, George McMullen (what a gem of a man), Courtney Brown, and held the panel discussion of ethics (panel members were Lyn, Pam, Marty, Paul, and Glenn).
    Gosh where to begin?
    Since I love research and statistics, I loved hearing from Dr. Utts and intend to write an article for the next issue of Aperture utilizing an interview with her, her talk, and some of her writings on statistics. She has agreed to this and I'm sure that she also sees the importance of all of us in the remote viewing community to have at least a rudimentary working knowledge of statistical research if we are to carry the field forward.

    Dick Alligire presented an overview of HRVG remote viewing protocol and technique. I was impressed. From my perspective, they include some tools that make it easier on the analyst as well as easier for a viewer to train their mind. Mental training, imo, is extremely important and from what I saw, their PlayFair tool along with others provides a useful way to collate impressions. Lyn also has a comparable tool and discussed it with me at a break. I will be following up with Paul and Angela regarding my thoughts on what I learned and integrating their input into my final thoughts on the subject. Those who missed Dick's talk missed a wonderful opportunity to hear another method of remote viewing."

    Thank-you, Dick. Great job.

  7. Default Aloha All

    Seems like we are all just sleeping since we got home from the conference. I know Dick is still on Maui and will be home in a few days. We will be sure to discuss the Roulette entrainments here and some of the conference activities as soon as we all wake up and return to a normal routine.

    Fortune it was great to meet you again as well as meeting Tamra and Kristen and so many others. !


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    Fortune Guest


    Much as i expected, it was new information for many attenees and people expressed interest in studying the method.

    Hopefully you will be able to locate the materials to train new students via internet and not have the inquiries and opportunities coming as a result of Dicks informative presentation, disappate should they find no definate or clear how and when they might participate. The vitality and direction of the guild and its work i hope are evident and the folks arent confused if maybe someday soon timelines and if their first contact with the guild website what's current.

    Dick did a fine outreach and introduction that will bring increased interest and from the lively and shiney people i met at LV entourage i suspect there to be even more here . Aren't there? Sometimes its confusing for me to participate in such a web done bb interface, with Glenn and Dick and Sita as a valuable resourse yet i see for postings many many views and few if any replies.
    It's hard to know if thats because everyone is too busy elsewhere to post, or too shy or uninspired? Or if there's some unspoken rule one needs some expert or lofty idea or position to be posting here? In that case i better sit down and shut up right now eh? So far i have found it pretty safe to ask questions or have opinions here, neither dick or glenn has bit my fuzzy hatted little head off ( i would just grow another one just as tasty perhaps) But unless ya'll know something i dont i havent felt any pressure to to any party line like some lists or bbs or spout some guru gospel.

    But if you see 10 or 20 upviews of a post and no replies, its like you get an echooooo, grin.Maybe one person reads things over and over or out there behind the silence there's a crowd rolling their eyes and making gag me with a spoon gestures? That can be a bit unnerving.

    i find when i go to these conference a number of people who come up to me and say they are on various lists and want to meet after reading posts. The feedback is people value directness and humor over spelling or grammer or credientials passion over being politically correct

    A lot iof folks were talking about the hrvg method, it was a class act presentation and not a cheezy attempt to get up and sell ones self or product as some do when given the floor.I prefer nuts and bolts rv talks to nuts and flakes anyday.

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