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    Ed7 Guest

    Question Target Preparation

    This a real basic question here & for whatever reason, it's not one that I recall being addressed or commented on very often. Can't find anything in the archives here or in my own the question: For example, if one has 8 target folders to prepare & it's required to be done asap, can this be attended to at one time, given that proper 'protocol' is administered during preparation ? Or is it more desirable to wait for whatever length of time to ' clear the air' so to speak, before moving onto the next one ? Also, if the targets are let's say a 8 particular monthly events which are being worked monthly & we're using 'next' as the temporal qualifier, can the initial target coordinates for each target folder remain in place indefinitely ?



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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Quick reply

    There is a very specific protocol for cueing targets. (A reason people like to work HRVG targets.)

    Do NOT lump 8 targets together, ever.

    Select one target. Focus only on that. Assign it a unique target ID. Know what that target is and have that target alone in your consciousness, your vision, and your awareness. Connect it with the unique target ID. Stop and finish and do something else.

    NEVER make a pool of targets.

    It is late. More later.


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    Ed7 Guest


    Hi Dick,
    Ok...That jogged my memory. I recall the morphing issues here & I know I've got references to that in my notes...I'll check the archives as well...Thanks Dick.


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    Ed7 Guest


    Hi again Dick,
    Had a chance to sift through a lot references to Morphing in the archive section, but basically it seems that keeping it clean, clear & focused are good guidelines to follow for target preparation...pretty common sense stuff. An attitude of care & respect when undertaking any procedure goes a long way.



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