Several weeks ago I was standing in line at COMPUSA when I saw a 2 gig flash drive hanging on the display case. I thought to myself, “I would really like a 2 gig flashdrive.”

But I didn’t have cash with me, and did not want to put it my credit card. I stood there looking at it, and decided not to buy it. But I wanted it.

A couple of weeks later I was in Bangkok, Thailand at a huge electronics store and I again saw a 2 gig flash drive. I thought, “I should get one of these.” I didn’t have enough Baht on hand and again passed it up. But the thought of having it nagged me.

At the HRVG Xmas party this week Glenn and Sita gave me a gift. And when I unwrapped it, of course it was a 2 gig flash drive. I just bet they stood at a display rack and looked at that little device and the thought occurred to them, “This is exactly what Dick would want.”

Not a coincidence. I smiled to myself when I saw the present- not for its monetary value, but for the fact that it was something I had thought about and wanted, and it was exactly what Glenn and Sita (my partners in RV) got for me.

And now that I think about it. it is entirely possible and logical to me that they might have purchased the item BEFORE I thought about it, and my standing there being drawn to a flash drive was a result of them already having it. Time and space and conscious desire all are interesting things.

It was a good gift, and made me think.

Merry Christmas