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Thread: Monday Night's Class...@ Battery 405

  1. Default Monday Night's Class...@ Battery 405

    Aloha All,
    Last night's class was a tour of the Battery 405 underground bunker on the Kailua side of Oahu. It was an interesting night indeed as we were given the tour of the bunker with all of its' history by Gary Weller. What a great find, the bunker is very accessible and has an area, which Hrvg can use for RV activities. I will work with Dick to get the access worked out and the use agreement with the owner, once completed we will begin to schedule some ops out at the bunker. As one can imagine bunkers deep underground lack a lot of the comforts so we need to come up with a scheme to support the ops there.


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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default The underground bunker

    While we toured this tunnel deep under a mountain on Oahu we paused at one point and Glenn explained to the owner why remote viewers might find such a location - shielded from RF and electromagnetic "noise" so appealing.

    Glenn, your impromptu lecture was quite interesting. Can you please post the gist of what you said here? There were a couple of terms I had not heard before, even after ten years of weekly lectures on RV and RF.



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    Aloha Dick,

    The visit to the Battery was a great break from you guys having to listen to a lecture in class lol. What is interesting about being underground is what happens with all the electrons and ions, even the ones in your body. There is a difference between being underground and being "Under Ground". Different from being in a cave or a subterranean vault, battery 405 is a concrete structure under the ground. Now here is where it gets interesting. The tunnel itself being constructed of concrete and steel/iron is itself a "Ufer Ground". Now it is a very large footprint Ufer ground and that means the electron/ion flow will be very different from the electromagnetic environment we normally find ourselves in. You are technically inside the ground itself. The earth surrounding the tunnel walls, ceiling, and floor actually becomes doped and depending on the time of day there is a variable screening effect. Inside the tunnel there is ionic leeching much like in a charged faraday cage.

    Since Battery 405 was constructed at approximately the same time as the Kunia underground complex where I spent 3 years it should be interesting indeed to see how we do there. There's just something about the deep quiet to listen for those soft signals.

    It is all really about noise management. I can bring my spectrum analyzer on the next visit and see more about the environment at Battery 405. There have been statements in the past about wave propagation being ruled out by SRI as being the mechanism in Remote Viewing. Those statements are easily discounted by any RF engineer or wave tech. I have had to correct Paul on this at least once. It is simply not their world and they do not understand it. While the magic of it all may be more romantic or sellable, the truth is that information must move. Whether above or below the quantum, it must move. Space and Time indeed may not apply but observation and the wave rule the day, every day, in this Universe.


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    Fortune Guest


    I've long been fascinated by the experience of contact with the rv signal line but my enthusiasm in discussing it has lagged since it seems few are either interested or are more comfortable accepting rv "doctrine" ( i havent had the reverence for if dr May says it its gospel.) I see more benifit in exploring what goes on when we rv. It seems there is varriable strength or robustness of the signal at times. I dont know if this is solely because of noise interference with the signal or if there are other variables that also have an impact on the mind, signal, site contact. Even in individual sessions we may experience times when the signal dims or goes black and then maybe retaking coords or probing a sketch to restablish or strengthen site contact. To me it seems the coords, taking them and the execution of the ideogram provices the address to focus attention and intention and there is a responding, well a two way conduit of sorts is established. i often draw a faint line in the center of the page and let it represent the signal line so i can probe or touch with pen or finger, even rubbing it to enhance contact, some how the physical gesture serves to represent a sense of tangible connection.

    In other psi work my experience is subjectively of recieving visusals through my hands, Seeing with my hands then translating witth my head/mind i guess. I talked with Ingo about this and he said its a very viable way of viewing psi seeing. He said it seems to come with american indian heritage the predisposition to see with the hands. (that " how" gesture isnt just reserved for tonto or miss cleo i guess.

    Sometimes i find - this sounds weird rubbing acrioss the paper or especially sort of scribbling sketching Very quickly on scrap paper seems to excite or elicit incoming. ( not a sketch nor an ideogram but well more scribbling as if its the motion)

    In rv session i get site inforamation through a translation of tactile and kinestic movement and entergetic perception. Sometimes its conceptual info as well as literal . my first perception might be moving up and down quickly then across smoothly suspended when i did hot air balloon target for instance. Sometimes specifics or a target event might first reference to me as a pushing against resistance or circling repeating of a movement representing repeated or cyclical actions. It is like a physical sensation perception in response to the site contact ( not from viewers moving in target ) I am always interested in hearing how others experience these things.

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    Aloha Fortune,

    Interesting post Fortune with a lot of information on how you wrestle with the signal line. I have been curious for a long time how the civilian Remote Viewing community interprets the term "Signal Line". In the world of RF the term signal line can have many meanings but what does the average Remote Viewer think it really means. I've written a bit here and there about how the term "Signal Line" is used by the many in the community but none of them really believe it applies to Remote Viewing. I am impressed that you have embraced the concept and have figured ways to listen for it.

    Consciousness is quite a mystery but it is safe to say that one-day science will devise a means to observe consciousness and it will be with spectrum analyzers and advanced computer systems. At the current rate of technological advancement it won't be that far away. What they will be see will be various muxing clusters fluctuating with the modulation of consciousness. Within the bandwidth of consciousness there will be many signal lines. Like defragmenting DNA science will break down the lines and isolate function and cause, rhyme and reason.

    With the Internet becoming part of history Remote Viewers of the future will be able to dig back and see how we handled the mystery of the remote viewing puzzle. They will read all the posts and files and nod in agreement with the ones that got it right and laugh hysterically at the scams and the shams and make their own posts about how we all handled the shock of it all.


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    Default When are you going to......

    When are you going to throw out anothr target for HRVG people to work on.

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    Default A Target for Bunker Work

    Hi all,

    Very interesting...a bunker...when I think of bunker I think of the "Guns of Navarone.." or...well...I worked around bunkers for most of my career since I specialize in munitions, so one can never get the musty smell out of their memory. When Glenn tells us to "think of a banana...its color, its taste...I correlate that with a bunker...a fortress...smells like...cordite??"nah..kidding..

    It should make a very interesting area for remote viewing. So, if anyone would like to imagine viewing in a bunker like facility...please work this target...


    I will provide feedback the first week of February when I return from the frozen tundra of the polar ice caps....


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