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Thread: To the bunker!

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default To the bunker!

    I spoke with Gary Weller tonight and got an invite to spend some time doing a session in the tunnel under the mountain. I have a couple of days off this week and will head over to the other side of the island to work an op target deep down in the earth.

    I'll post a report. The feedback will be given later, so it will take a while to see how I do.


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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Bunker 405 working underground

    I worked a session for almost 2 hours in the underground bunker today. It was a very interesting experience.

    How can I describe “mental quiet?” The quiet in this underground tunnel is almost absolute- it has a heaviness you can feel. It was almost too quiet when I sat down and put pen to paper and embarked on Visual Ideogram. The wall is a soothing off white color and there is no angle, just a smooth curve to the ceiling.

    There are certainly no distractions down there. It’s like having a blanket over your brain- the mental noise is way reduced.

    This is an active target and I haven’t gotten feedback, so I can’t discuss data. There seemed to be too much data coming at me to record in a single cell or galley of Playfair. I slid into Edging very easily, coming to a full stop. A number of vivid images- almost electric and glowing flashed quickly in my vision. They dissolved before I could comprehend them. It was more like a light show. Finally the eerie jerky film grain movie-like images started playing and I was able to grasp but not completely understand them. I quickly sketched them and got up from the desk and moved to a couch that is conveniently in the chamber.

    I put on my IPod earphones and hit play to listen to a Theta inducing recording, and kicked back to push Blackboard. As always, the key is to not look at blackness, but to make the blackness a 3 dimensional granularity. When I achieved this I seemed to encounter a person at the target.

    The image was quite clear, and I understood things about this person, which I can’t discuss prior to feedback. I don’t know WHO this person was, but I looked into the person’s eyes and understood some important things. It will be interesting to get feedback.

    I came out of S-5 and was surprised to find myself reclining on a couch in a long dim quiet tunnel. When I walked out into the bright Hawaii sunlight it was something of a shock. Driving home over the Pali more details of the target kept occurring to me.

    I got home and decided to take a run, so I put on running shorts and a tank top and got running socks out of my drawer. I was still catching up to target data, pacing around the house- the target and the feeling of the bunker on my mind. I lost my socks. Could not find them. I looked everywhere in my house, retracing my steps. Where had I put the socks? Finally I gave up and got another pair from my drawer and sat down to put them on. I looked down realized I was already wearing my running socks.

    After a 3 mile run I sat down for an hour sketching. There was something about this person I encountered that was just barely at the edge of my consciousness. I knew it, but couldn’t quite grasp it. I'm still working on it.

    It’s why feedback is so interesting.

    The underground bunker is a fabulous place to remote view.



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    Aloha Dick,

    My compliments on your work in the Tunnel. I got your session work before the feedback and you can go ahead and put another notch on the old gun belt. You continue to push your performance envelope. Having worked in a deep tunnel for several years I will tell you that the cool quiet deep in the earth is a little addictive. You may find the lights and noise on the surface a bit more annoying. We need to figure out some of the logistics in working at Battery 405. This next Monday we will set the schedule and work on what furnishings we can put in place. As you know any sound is amplified a great deal so noise-canceling headphones may do the trick but earplugs always work . So let's sort a few of these issues out and try to hit the tunnel at least twice a month or so. Nice job on finding the location and working out the access Dick. Awesome!


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