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Thread: The $10,000-a-Month Psychic

  1. Default The $10,000-a-Month Psychic

    I've read all her books, she's really great! Now, where are all those RVers who can follow in her footsteps?


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    Default Laura Day

    I'm familiar with her books.
    She's ok but I guess it's just a matter of opinion.
    I'm always leery when I see big $$$$$ along with the artical.

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    I don't think it's a matter of opinion.... she's fantastic when it comes to teaching intuition. I've increased my intuition big time with her methods, and as for the money she makes, I really believe she rakes it in, just as anyone else would if they were at her level of expertise.


  4. Default Aloha Jp

    10k a month is a pretty good gig whether you are a psychic or not. I am reminded a bit of some of the charlatans like Sylvia Brown who take in a lot more than that. On a positive note intuition is an area all of us could learn much more about. It would seem someone with a bit of psychic empowerment would have an edge on understanding intuition.


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