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Thread: Los Angeles Airport Earthquake Prediction

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Thoughts and impressions (Hot Wax) about how it felt to work Climate Project Targets

    I want to talk a bit about my impressions of working Courtneyís Climate Project. Later I will post questions to Courtney about the protocol of his project, and those questions will be far more clinical. These are just my personal, subjective observations about how it felt as a viewer to work those targets.

    I have done a lot of remote viewing, probably over a thousand sessions in the past 11 years. Glenn has put us through the grinder in all those years. He has had us work every possible kind of target. I know what it feels like when you work a target that has been cued by a person who really understands the targeteering process, a target tasked by a human being focused on making a connection between the target ID and the target. Iíve worked hundreds of simple validation targets- photos of people, places, or events given out to test, train, and calibrate your remote viewing ability. Iíve worked future targets, past targets, targets that havenít been cued yet. Iíve worked targets with instant feedback, and no feedback. Iíve worked mask overlays, entrainments, and null targets. Iíve worked targets cued by people trying to pull one over me. Several times Iíve worked a target ID that was intentionally cued to two different targets. Iíve worked targets that were ridiculous, meaningless, and nonexistent. Iíve worked quite a few operational targets for clients.

    Have you ever seen a wine tasting expert blindly take a sip of wine and tell you the type of wine, the region of origin, and even the year of its vintage? A good remote viewer develops the ability to feel whether a target cue is solid or ephemeral.

    I donít want to criticize Courtney here. And I donít want to, as we say at HRVG ďblame the targeteer.Ē (It is common for remote viewers when they produce a lousy session the find some fault with the tasker for any number of reasons.)

    But as a fairly experienced viewer I want to report that working the Climate Project felt like trying to carry water in a sieve. I took the project quite seriously and put quite a bit of effort into it. I think I worked 21 targets, and I would expect that out of a run of 21 sessions I would have some pretty decent results. From what I have seen so far my work was fairly lousy. I know on a couple of targets I presented perfect data on one of the pool targets, but it was the not the target tasked. I remote viewed a couple of serious future events, but again not the target.

    When I worked most of these sessions, it didnít feel like there was much of a connection to anything.

    Immediately after the project was finished Sita put out a target ID. I had taken a break from RV after the project, so this was my first session after the Climate Project. Now I must disclose that Sita and I have worked together for more than 10 years and we know each other well. I have often had good results working her targets. After struggling so much with Courtneyís targets it just felt wonderful to sit down, probe, look on Blackboard and have data simply pour out of me! I nearly bilocated before Playfair. (This is prior to S-2 in HRVG method.)

    I got feedback and it turned out to be a pretty good session. Other people may be working it (TARGET ID OBLW-QHNP) so Iíll not discuss the target and weíll post my session later.

    But it just strengthens my belief that the best results are obtained when you have a real human consciousness cue the target with single-minded focus and intent, with a desire or need for data about that target, a single target that is not part of a pool. Providing feedback to a viewer helps them during the training process but has nothing to do with whether or not they produce good data.

    I understand that Courtneyís project was not really about climate change and maybe Iíll be amazed when we find out what it really was about and re-examine the results. I am amazed he was able to get all the viewers to work in concert, to devise a system to task, collect, and publish targets. But my preference is to work a target under completely blind conditions; a single target with no other targets involved, cued by a person who knows and fully understands what the target is and needs information about it.

  2. Default Lions, Tigers, and Bears...

    Aloha Dick & All,

    One of the very important elements missing in many Remote Viewing activities is and has been dialog. The free exchange of information from concept to conclusion has always been withheld beyond the gates at Hrvg. We have always trained to understand. Understand what we are doing and most importantly; what we have done. The dialog regarding Dr. Brown and the recent project will set a precedent of sorts to increase the intellect quotient of those participating in projects. At Hrvg I have always endeavored to instill an understanding of rhyme and reason in all that we do. I have always wanted the viewers at Hrvg to be the most informed, the best trained, and possess education relative to Remote Viewing that included management, viewing, and analysis. This dialog between Dick and Dr. Brown is a stellar example of information exchanges that exemplify cooperation and support at all levels. Dr. Brown did not enter into this dialog to indemnify himself but to resolve issues on various levels of concern. My compliments to him for taking the heat and giving his best explanations on the issues. My compliments go likewise to Dick for hammering out viewer concerns and like the newsman he is; working tirelessly to explain his concerns about the project. There is much that has also been exchanged in emails and I hope to collect those and make them available.

    Now there is more to this project then everyone actually may know. I expect Dr. Brown to devise an SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) for RV Projects launched and managed via the Internet. Standardized methods to Encrypt, Task, Process, and Analyze Remote Viewing session work is in dire need throughout the community. There are many solo, or non-affiliated viewers, who simply don't have a group or system to function with or be part of in the community. Adoption of a standard participation template would bring many of these viewers into a more active roll as they could join in on any competent project. This will be an important step in the further professional development of the viewers spread far and wide around the world. It is also a chance for some new stars to rise.

    If you have read the lengthy discussions you can see the progress in clarifying issues and how contentious issues are brought up for resolution. Theses discussions are candid and informative. I think many may not know that both Dr. Brown and Dick Allgire are forging expectation and resolution into the new mold for project management and participation. Keep in mind that nothing is perfect and these post project blues will fade as soon as we finish dismantling this project and redesigning it so that it can be rebuilt. You may have heard of or participated in a Remote Viewing project before but you have never seen this level of critique and support being available for review. Over the weekend I got the chance to speak with Dr. Brown to recap the current issues and discuss analysis methodologies. In the area of analysis I believe the NSA/Military approach is best suited for considering the content potential of Remote Viewing sessions. Variations on Traffic Analysis such as those used at Hrvg are ideal for RV analysis and Dick has written extensively in email on what the analytic conclusion to target 25 would look like if pushed through our low level analysis. Since multiple disciplines were involved enough data was collected to conduct an Analytic Assessment. Multiple target packs on a common target provides enough data to explore session theme work as well as basic construction and understanding of viewer symbology and psychological language metaphor isolation. Analysis is a process and not really what you see is what you get in Remote Viewing work. Analytic models from Hrvg as well as from Dr. Brown and Lyn will be explored as we continue to understand what we know and what we can say about this project and its' results.


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