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Thread: Aloha from Thailand

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Aloha from Thailand

    Hello Everyone,

    Thailand is as amazing as ever. Last night it was the big New Year's celebration. Lots of fireworks, dancers, drumming. Got great video of the huge event that started right at sunset.

    Hey, if you guys in class want to try a beacon target I'll go somewhere at 8 PM Hawaii time and you can tag the location. Glenn, let me know. I could do it either tonight (4 hours from now) or next week.

    I'll check in later.


  2. Default Aloha Dick...

    Aloha Dick,

    Hope the trip continues to be fun and relaxing. Been offline for a bit, got the flu in Chinatown and finally getting over it. Still beats the flu shot though. Watch out for the bandits and this time stay out of Cambodia.


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