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Thread: Can You Visualize Someone by Hearing their Voice?

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Can You Visualize Someone by Hearing their Voice?

    I watched an interesting program on Korean TV (KBS) tonight with my wife.
    They had an artist who could listen to the voice of a person he had never met, never seen, never known, and then draw a perfect charcoal sketch of that person.

    Watched him do it three times, and I recorded the show so I can bring the video to class. They had a person in a remote location speak to the guy on the phone. He drew a very detailed sketch. They brought in the person and it matched the sketch exactly.

    Had another Korean guy in a bag in the room. The artist listened to his voice, drew him exactly. Did this over and over again. They had people wearing animal heads in the room with him. The guy selected their pictures - 4 out of 4 correctly.

    I told my wife I believe the guy is remote viewing, using the voice as a target cue. It will be interesting to watch and discuss in class.


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    Aloha Dick,

    We discussed something similar to this some years back with Skip Atwater. We ran a few targets where the only cue provided was ambient noise from the target itself. As I recall the work was fairly good. I look forward to seeing your program


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    Default Everything is waves

    You know for me, the Matrix was a scary movie. I like my consensual reality just the way it is. I don't want it reduced to a view of nothing but numbers. But, I do think that our physical senses, most especially our eyes and ears are doing nothing but interpreting 'waves' and either matching them to an existing place in our neural network or creating a new synapse if needed.

    In these days where so many different kinds of waves can be captured on some kind of video or imaging, I would like to see if we can recognize the actual target just from a photo of the 'noise' it produces.

    Like those big loud generators in the Army. If we could somehow capture the sound waves it's making, can the viewer associate (draw) the sound wave but also identify the generator it is attached to...

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