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    I recently finished reading an amazing book "Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home" by Rupert Sheldrake ( This books expands the exploration of psychic phenomena well beyond humans.

    Since y'all can look up the book online, I'll just give you a few things that stood out for me, given my own background with remote viewing.

    - a researcher working with baby chicks had them imprint on a robot that was programmed to move around at random. Pre-imprinting trials showed the random nature of the robots movement. Post imprinting trials showed the robot spending significantly more time near the chicks (who were in a separate but adjacent area where they could see the robot). (This is on pp 272-273 of the book). Sheldrake classifies this process as psychokinesis, since the robot is an inanimate object, rather than telepathy.

    - a very common research topic that Sheldrake has collected a great deal of data on is the phenomenon of when people know someone is staring at them. This phenomenon has been proven in thousands of experiments performed by many different people! Yet when a skeptical/hostile researcher performed this research (he was the one doing the staring at the backs of the experimental subjects heads), he was not able to reproduce positive results. His intent was apparently to not have positive results. (p 330).

    - interesting quote: "Personal memory can be understood in terms of self-resonance from a person's own past; it is no longer necessary to suppose that all memories need to be stored as elusive "traces" in the brain. A less specific resonance with countless other people in the past connects each of us to the collective memory of our society and culture, and ultimately to the collective memory of all humanity." (p 316).

    To the extent that he is able, he attempts to explain psychic phenomena with "morphic fields" which he outlines in some detail in appendix C of the book. In short, his concept of morphic fields evolved out of his exploration of morphogenesis - the coming into being of form, like a tree growing from a seed. It's pretty complicated and I don't care to try and summarize here! Ken Wilbur wrote an essay on Sheldrake's theory of morphogenesis if you want to read up on it more - This link is also on Sheldrake's website.

    My husband bought this book for me as a Christmas gift because he noticed that, on occasion, my cat would wait for me near the back door several minutes before I got home. Since reading the book, I have observed this behavior in his dog as well. This sort of behavior only occurs between animals and humans (or animals and animals) that have some sort of close bond characterized by affection and/or respect.

    This is an excellent read by a very thorough and well-qualified researcher, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in psychic phenomena.

    P.S. Here's another great link - a cancelled interview with Richard Dawkins (skeptic associated with CSICOP, and supporter of James Randi). The money quote by Dawkins "I don't want to discuss evidence."
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    Thanks Angel,

    A very interesting read . I would certainly like to see Sheldrake in person, perhaps at one of our conferences. I think he would make a great Keynote Speaker. It is interesting that the experiments in "Staring" may hold a clue to how a remote viewer could shift from the passive to the active at the target. I have been working on this for some time.


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