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Thread: Seeing with your eyes closed?

  1. Default Seeing with your eyes closed?

    Seem's like someone in Russia is using a method to help people "see" with their eyes closed, it's called The Bronikov Method. This reminds me of story Glenn mentioned once about Richard Ireland when he was a child and noticed he could see with a bandage over his eyes.

    Bronikov Method:

    Make sure you click on "method" since they list the first 3 steps, it's interesting to see how they approach it.

    There's also a group in Southern California that's teaching this method to people, I hope to look into it someday.

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    Aloha JP,

    An interesting site but nothing really revealing about specific methodology. May be worth investigating a bit further but not if they decline methodology unless you have to fork over heaps of cash. The net is full of such things.

    The subject of sightless seeing is very interesting and I have had long conversations with Dick Ireland about it but up to now have never been able to replicate his ability. If I had a year or two to dedicate to just that one skill I could speak more authoritatively about the possibility if it can be learned. I would call it mindsight.

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    "Mindsight" is a good term to use to describe it. And you are correct as always, that this might be just some scam to make money. I did notice that it was very expensive, to some extent. I had emailed the guy who runs one of the groups in Southern Cal and told him about my hearing problems. He said in Belgium they are working with deaf people to see if these abilities can give them some sort of "psychic hearing" or something like that, I have to double check how he described it. They also worked in Russia with the blind, on these same courses of course, when they first came out with the "seeing with eyes closed" teachings. It's a shame they don't have some deaf studies going on here in the USA, I would be such a prime candidate for that.

    Another thing with the stages they describe on that website is that they have people start to work on an "inner screen", not unlike blackboard in the HRVG methods, and this screen once you learn to get it up and running can be likened to a computer screen that has some very simple ways to interact with it, if I understand correctly. It's like a "bio-computer" I think they call it. They also admit it's very difficult to learn this and it's not for everyone, the intensity needed and the daily practice is sometimes too much for the average folks. They also say that not everyone can get that inner screen up and running, something like 70% can do it but not all that try it. They even mentioned some advanced students can use these inner screen's to set-up something like a "inner internet" and actually chat with others or something like that. Some students are supposed to have very complex set-up's with these inner screen's in their minds. I don't know the whole story.... but if even some of it is's very cutting edge stuff that's for sure.

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    Here's more on these classes:

    There are 18 stages to this program. Three of the 18 stages are taught to the general public. To attend to additional stages, students must qualify. (I.e. See behind them and describe objects or persons. Read while blindfolded. etc...)

    This program will enable those that are blind to see with their brains. Person's with normal sight will be able to see beyond. According to a high ranking Russian Officer, 80% of the brain is activated when engaged in this system. In one of our scientific studies, children have been documented to "See through Steel Doors!" Watch our documentary with Hillary Clinton and the former first lady of Ukraine visiting our Ukranian Academy and witnessing the blind enabled to see via NeuroVision.

    On our website, you will also footage of a person blindfolded driving a motorcycle. You will also see a documentary of a person playing pool blindfolded to demonstrate the ability. We have multiple documents from Scientific Institutes in Russia attesting to the validity and replicability of this program.

    Moscow University appraised the value of Stage 1.1, Stage 2.1, and Stage 3.1. They have estimated the value of these three stages at 12 billion dollars.

    For you remote viewing fans, this is remote viewing on steroids. This is a Russian/Ukranian Mind Power Technology. In the martial arts, this is the 6th sense and beyond. This program has been used in special forces.

    We have specialist, 11-12 year old children, assisting Doctors in Russian by functioning as human x-rays and identifying cancer cells to 2-4 cm at 100% accuracy. According to an Oncologist, current tomography machinery can not come close to this level of accuracy. What the documentary to see this for yourself and click on our testimony page at to read it for yourself.

    This is a new human feature being activated. Inherent Sensory Perception. Every person is born with this ability. And not everyone is aware of it.

    All over the world people are comming to Fedosia Ukraine to study under V.M. Bronnikov at his academy. Over 100,000 people have learned this program in Russia and the Ukraine.

    Come to the first Center of Human Developing employing V.M. Bronnikov's methodology to activate and actualize new human potential.


    ( I received an email lately, with the course and how much they are asking. Stage one cost's $800, and stage 2 cost's $1200......they don't say about stage 3...and I'm not sure I want to know. At these prices, makes me wonder who can afford to take the training, which only work's with 70% of the people that sign up for it.)

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