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Thread: The Man at 11 O'clock...

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Glenn Before Working The Session

    Here is a short video clip of Glenn's briefing before he worked the session. He states he is not sure how he will construct the message, that it will be something that comes to him after working the session and considering the data prior to feedback.


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    daz smith Guest


    thank you for your replies to my questions. Clarifies it for me.

    LOL ill need to digest all this again - anything to do with time - make my head swim and I need time to assimilate the possibilities etc.

    Please keep us informed of how things progress.

    Thank you!

    all the best...


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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default What is possible?

    Hi Daz,

    It is an interesting topic, and I also have a difficult time trying to figure it all out.

    Consider this: Daz, you are a remote viewer. So have no doubt sat down with just a target ID and displaced part of your awareness across space and time and brought back sensory data. When you did that it probably changed your view of the world and caused you to realize that the universe works a bit differently than we or the physicists understand.

    What Glenn is trying to show us is that remote viewing is indeed just a smaller skill in a larger toolbox. Glenn has always taught us that if any small bit of sensory data can be obtained via remote viewing, then ALL data can obtained by remote viewing. That means you can take a target ID and draw a stick figure. Or, as Glenn demonstrates, you can stand there when the person has his photo taken in 1875, part of you can really BE THERE. And even more fantastic, you can affect that event in however small a way.


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    daz smith Guest


    Dick its an interesting theory but not one I subscribe to- yet.
    I have yet to see any evidence that remote viewing actually exhibits part of the remote viewer going to the target. I feel that as part of the quantum universe we know/or can know everything about the target and the mind creates a virtual reality of the target using our past experiences and memories to build the picture of reality.

    What Glenn might have experienced (being there) to me feels the same as when mediums say they can see an speak to a relative standing just behind your left shoulder - its a construct of a virtual created reality and a tool to impart information they aren't actually there - or to be correct - to date they haven't been proved to actually be there.

    I'm open to the possibility that part of us travels to the target - i just don't think this is the case - i feel its a simpler than this a more elegant mechanism.

    All the best...


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    Rick Hilleard Guest


    Greetings Glenn / Dick,

    Many thanks for all your input thus far, as I mentioned in my previous posts about people having questions about this particular session, well...

    If we have accpted that RI is real and has been done, many times ( ref L. Buchanan ) why do we have such a hard time with this concept? The word is
    Proof ! as people are scratching their heads at present trying to understand this, possibly historical session, which I hope turns out to be positive, we, lack the deatils of the session and therefore things become questionable when making such large claims.

    This ( if proved ) will really shake the RV community up but as has been pointed out, repeatablity, is Glenn able to do another similar session with all the controls in place ? Would this be something that could be done after the IRVA conf. ?

    When do you anticipate getting a copy of the original from the library ?
    Is this method something that you would consider putting up for scrutiny, in particular the fine deatils of how this was done ? Due to a lack of detailed information a lot of speculation has been posited elsewhere, but that will happen with anything out of the ordinary. But hey! let us think outside of the box !

    The "going to" the site or recreation of the info from the site is one that will be a sticking point, as I have been taught that you are only reassembling the information, tapping into the signal line, not "going to" the site.

    But then this seems to conflict with thinking of certain other areas of RV and RI, especially when it comes to experiments that have, been performed, and actually affected something at the target site.

    This really is a ..."three pipe problem"

    I look forward to more information, as and when it surfaces.



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    daz smith Guest


    Glenn and Dick,
    this is a very interesting subject and one people within Rv have been toying with for years - would you consider writing it up for an article in 'eight martinis' when you are ready to disclose in full?

    all the best...


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    Rick Hilleard Guest


    Greetings all,

    Great idea, but this would take up a lot of pages going into some detail.

    Do you think it would be an idea if a DvD were also made, this can give good visuals and highly detailed information to someone who is trying to get to grips with this method, like all of us !



  8. Default A few more thoughts...


    In order to push on I think there is a question that many will have to ask themselves. That question is "Is there a past?" Is there any research or evidence that the past is a real thing? When a scientist in the laboratory receives a photon before he transmitted it has he solved this riddle? Has he facilitated the travel of mass (however light) through time? The question as to whether or not there is a past is easier to reconcile than the idea of some energetic residue that we can obtain information from. There is more evidence that time travel is possible.

    Now thoughts indeed have mass, there is no such thing as a thought without mass. If mass can be cajoled to move through time then there is a reality that we must accept. Any direction that the mass took through time must extend to infinity. Even though the modern equipment of this age can only examine short movements through time it still remains that any vector must seek infinity. Time reversals in wave activity at frequencies below ELF give us some clues. The designs of equipment that measure time have historically been forward time, or time progression sensitive, but not designed to be accurate in measuring time regression. So we basically sought to understand time by examining its forward arrow and not any other vector deviation.

    Time is really only relative from common or coordinated points of observation.

    From our current point in time we know that there is a future. The idea that there is a next week or tomorrow is very solid to us. We have all emerged into the tomorrow to realize that it is in-fact a real functional environment. Why then does yesterday seem less tangible? And did we not phase into the tomorrow at a predictable rate? Why would the present and future be real environments and the past not? The theoretical movement backwards through time does not conflict with the known science of this day. For the mind it is easier to remember the past then it is to predict the future. Throughout history there have been countless events where someone has witnessed the future before it came to pass. While the body may not have made the leap through time to witness it, some mass surely did.

    To revisit the past one need only to reposition their point of observation. In remote viewing I refer to it as a displacement of a portion of your awareness or consciousness to the target of interest. This can be an interesting concept to wrestle with and with a little preparation easier to understand. The idea of time as a continuum is only the two dimensional consideration when it is really at least a 4 dimensional entity. We can detect time distortions around large mass objects so we know that there is a texture to time that can be affected by mass. Mass can affect time and I suspect in a variety of ways. Small mass can proceed or recede through time and large mass creates its distortions. This implies that time has density which we can test for. Simple tests using identical measuring devices at different altitudes above the surface of our large mass planet also give us a few clues. Time is not the same everywhere and can contribute to the hypothesis that the past is real and continues to exist in its time.

    With enough energy the forward arrow of time could be reversed, slowed or stopped but remote viewers are not nearly so energetic. What the viewer does is vector small mass thoughts towards the origin of the tasked target. Small mass thoughts slip through the texture of time either, laterally, forward into the future, or back through the past. The challenge is to project enough thought to achieve coherent realizations from the target environment. I put this on a par with the difficulty of learning a foreign language. You must train yourself to think properly, a bit like learning to aim your thoughts with some precision. Now if the human were not somehow inherently capable of thinking to the past or the future it would complicate what all of us believe in a profound way. There could be no psychic functioning, and certainly no possibility of remote viewing. Human mind potential in relationship to our environment is relative. What you are and what you can do in this environment is only limited by what you can comprehend and envision. Your mind can be retooled once you can see a possibility. It may take some time but if you apply yourself you may find your evolution is indeed happening as you think. You will think the thoughts that propel you to the future or hurl you back through the past.


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    daz smith Guest


    Its all certainly very interesting thoughts.

    How does all this tally with he SAIC/SRI experiments over hundreds of RV sessions trying to find 'which time zone did the remote viewer get their information from' and the conclusion from this was that the viewer didn't go to the future and get info from feedback or anything but that the remote viewer got their data in real time?

    all the best..


  10. Default We have better Rockets than the coyote...


    I think that the research and experimentation done at SRI, for its time, was top notch and conducted in such a way as to minimize the "Giggle Factor". But there is something that must be said in regards to it all. It was neither definitive nor expository in regards to the mechanism in Remote Viewing. They did not know then, and they don't know now. I am reminded of one of their greatest statements of misinformation, that being that Remote Viewing is not a function of EMF. Sure they ran tests in Faraday cages and used this data to proclaim that it was not EMF but sadly they are wrong. They neither had the funding, nor the brainpower to solve this question. I do not believe even today that we have the technology or the money to create a Faraday cage that is inclusive of all known frequency spectrums. The Faraday effect will only hold for certain ranges and even the NSA and other agencies have resorted to copper foils and plates to secure areas from emanations or collection. But there are a few who like to point at the cage and say, "Oh we proved it wasn't EMF". Ack! Even a foil/plate cage is not impervious to EMF radiation, emanation, re-radiation and anomalies of harmonics.

    I even get this line of junk science from Paul and a few others and I just want to grab them and sit them in a chair and give them the class on basic shielding properties and requirements. While they are obviously intelligent people it is not their area of expertise. So when I think about what SRI knew and compared it to how we would evaluate it all today it would be two different worlds. If the research was replicated today by a competent laboratory the scientists would simply refer to the SRI group as pioneers in the early research and I assure you that our knowledge base would expand tenfold from any sizeable new effort. We are actually smarter and more competent today than we were in the 70's etc.

    The problems in our community lie in the misguided belief that we somehow obtain the information locally and that is simply absurd. To believe that there is some repository that we locally or non-locally retrieve information from is not proven. There is not a single bit of science that has been discovered that would lead any sane prudent person to come to that conclusion. Occam's Razor cuts through the Blarney in this area. If the data is in the past and you retrieve it.....then information moved. But see they can't or won't believe that. I guess it would be hard to stand there in a suit and tie and report to your superiors that the evidence points towards time travel. Yea I suppose your tenure or pension fund might blast through your visual cortex as it flies out the window. The best you will get is their favorite line "harumff Remote Viewing is outside of space and time harumff....cough...mumble". Balderdash! Poppycock!! Flapdoodle!!! If its in this Universe then it is not (is not) (is not) (is not) outside of anything.

    Ipso Facto Stupido! We have better rockets than the coyote...


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