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    The 2009 Remote Viewing Conference sponsored by IRVA marked their 10th anniversary as the leading RV organization supporting and promoting remote viewing awareness within the RV community and to the public. This year’s conference was very well attended despite concerns about the failing economy. The conference venue was the best to date in my opinion and the degree of preparation for the arrival of so many viewers from all over the world had to place an enormous burden on the conference planners. The hard work of Cheryle Hopton, Sandy Ray, and John Stahler was greatly appreciated and was the key to this conference’s success. Not to overlook the hard work of Paul Smith and others, but just to say thanks to Cheryle, Sandy, and John for such a great effort.

    Presenters for the event were stellar and it is my opinion that our own Dick Allgire put on the most interesting subject presentation ever presented at an IRVA conference. The Masking and Entrainment presentation was the first concept expansion away from what we would consider to be the standard practices of remote viewers. Dick’s brilliant presentation was years in the making and marks a significant milestone for him as he continues to evolve into the type of mind needed to piece the consciousness puzzle together. Congrats Dick for a well prepared and informative look at one of the more complex aspects of training at Hrvg. The presentation highlighted the work of many talented viewers that participated in the data collection for his project. Special mention is well deserved for the work of Debra Duggan-Takagi, Anne Koide, John Morrison, Sita Seery, Daz Smith, Maria Naulty, Michelle Tusa, George Trammel, Christine Amala Hays, and last but not least Dr. Courtney Brown. Their session work in support of this project not only reflects greatly on their individual abilities to remote view a complex mask target but also their willingness to roll up their sleeves and pitch in to support the project. Without their work this project would not have had the impact that it did. That impact will drive discussion about Masking and Entrainment into a more critical arena and promote expansion of what we believe remote viewing to be.

    Hrvg has progressed a great deal over the last 12 years and continues to look to the future for continued exploration. Masking and Entrainment is not our ceiling and has actually been at various stages of instruction at Hrvg for the last decade. Dick’s work is the culmination of his understanding of the concepts employed and his ability to bring to reality Masking and Entrainment for the benefit of those outside the environs of Hrvg. He designed the project, solicited viewers from across the community, and presented the findings in the peer forum at IRVA. Dick concluded his presentation with a sharp, clean, demonstration of Entrainment which has to be seen to be believed. My personal compliments to Dick for his excellent work and representation of Hrvg at these very public forums of our peers.

    Masking and Entrainment took more than a few years to become a controllable application within the Guild and there are other applications that are likewise going through developmental examination. The recent project works include “A message in Time” where I have been attempting to employ the observer’s effect and the experimenter’s effect to place a message in the past by a modified application of remote viewing. While it may sound a bit strange I believe the theory is viable and it may become a significant advancement in how we perceive reality. It also may solve the puzzle on the source for target information collected by viewers. I believe it will define that source as time slips by the viewer who has learned to navigate consciousness through time.

    IRVA continues to be the premiere gathering place for researchers and remote viewers and they need to continue to receive our support and participation. The Internet may be where we spend a great deal of time as our different groups continue their evolution but IRVA is a real gathering of people who are there to speak, share, and sometimes challenge our views on what we believe our reality to be.

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