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    Since it takes 10 seconds for the sensory organs to deliver and decode the message in the brain, which part of the brain processes movement which bypasses all sensory data?

    Most specifically, having a heavy background in gymnastics as a young adult, we learned several things:

    The hand is quicker than the eye. You cannot wait until you can see where to land, if you do that then it will be too late (by about 10 seconds) and physics and gravity will kick in.

    Physics and gravity. What shape is your mass in? If you over rotate or punch out too late, you drop to low to land. I have personal experience that you cannot cram 5 feet of peron into 3 feet of space. Some laws of physics and gravity are just simply immutable no matter how hard you try.

    But, most all aerial work is done without 'seeing'. You have to see the movement in your mind first because that is where you are actually 'working' the aerial movement.

    Does anyone know what part of the brain that is in? Angela Smith's article in eight martini's is very interesting. I'm not so much multi handed as I was training in working full twisting motion in mid air. You have to 'decide' which way you will rotate.

    And, even though I'm not truly multi-handed, I'm a right handed person who uses a left hand mouse with my right hand. Here is the link to Angela's article.

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    Excerpted from the same article with Angela...

    "The current paradigm in the scientific world is that mixed-handedness is just one of the symptoms of ADHD, dyslexia, delusional thinking, schizophrenia and magical thinking"

    ADD and possibly ADHD is prevalant in my family and My daughter has ADD. My brother is a diagnosed bi-polar and there is a family history of clinical depression.

    I wish that science would reverse their rigidity and explore the idea that psi does exist and these individuals just don't have the right 'wiring' to keep the psi experience within parameters defined as normal. Maybe if they could find something common to these problems, they could come closer to helping those who suffer needlessly.

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    Aloha Michelle,

    Virtually all of modern populations have been exposed to stimuli relative to promotion of magical thinking by all manner of media. From fables and myths to fiction and bedtime stories we plant kernels along our lives that give us the ability to think beyond the logic of environment. I believe the world is not all science, but I would expect science to restrict itself to the scientific method. I am wondering how long it will take us in the RV world to present a plausible case so that science can sink a hook we can bite. They need more than we are giving them.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Glenn B. Wheaton View Post
    Aloha Michelle,

    I am wondering how long it will take us in the RV world to present a plausible case so that science can sink a hook we can bite. They need more than we are giving them.

    Which brings us to Target Number 3 in your "Message Across Time" series of demonstrations, Glenn. Maybe we could select a new target, now that you trust we selected well and didn't pull anything on you for the first two video taped sessions? We need to start generating new material for the next IRVA conference. Tempus Fugit

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    Sometimes I wonder if people that demonstrate some extraordinary psi just have a different social structure. I was 4 years old when I started in gymnasts, so that neural network was impacted very young. As far as social engineering is concerned, 4 years old is about the time that mommy's start telling their children that there is no such thing as an imaginary friend. At 4 years old, I was actively using imagination in a very unique way. Also, there is evidence to suggest classical music causes the brain to develop more audio capacity because of the range of music. Back when I perfomed, in competiton, you could only perform to piano concerto's. They have changed that now.

    I know that whatever part of the brain handles motor movement would be involved, but there is no such thing as 'watching what you are doing' in real time.

    Our reality is always 10 seconds behind so you have to 'execute' in your head.

    I think NDEs will show us the most of this kind of thing. I think what we call a natural psychic will disappear more into indentification of how and when certain neural networks were shaped and formed.

    I am sending from the library---probably at least another week before I have internet at home. So, I will have to work around from the library for a bit yet!~

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