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    DOD has announced that the remains of Captain Speicher have been found.

    The Los Angeles Times reports:

    "The break in the case came recently when an Iraqi contacted Marines with information about the desert crash site. The Marines were then led to another Iraqi living in the desert who said he was present when Speicher's plane crashed and when his body was found and buried by nomadic tribesmen at an obscure place called Wadi Thumayal."

    A former military intelligence officer on CNN stated that he had some reason to believe that Speicher survived the crash and was taken prisoner and later his body was placed at the crash site.

    If DOD is correct I am perplexed as to how a team of remote viewers could come up with so much congruent data supporting a pilot surviving a crash in Iraq and being taken prisoner.

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    Aloha Tony,

    First, I am very grateful that Commander Speicher has been found at last. I remember the project and HRVG published three (3) scenarios on the data collected. While one of those scenarios is plausible considering the new information, the other two would now seem less likely. A good topic for discussion on Monday night at class and further review here.


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