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Thread: Courtney Brown: Multiple Universes

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    Aloha Tony,

    I think the question to ask is if you do change the past from a future point what happens to the recorded past from that future point. Does it all erase, or does it fall victim to the paradox. I believe in the Frequency scenario the Paradox minimized to a duality of the memory of the people involved. They actually lived both timelines and understood them from a single perspective. I don’t believe this would be beyond the capacity of the brain to manage after some adjustment. However schizophrenic it may be the balanced mind would manage it. I imagine in some it would push them into a discontinuity but then again natural selection is always a player.

    Small changes along the way would go unnoticed. It would seem that crisis issues would become more of a dilemma for mass reality. We see tendencies in mass reality to distort even in issues that most feel are very solid. Examples such as is Elvis really dead or did we really go to the moon come to mind. More than one reality can exist, but do they require separate timelines? I would ask a question here and hope the answer sheds light on reality expansion. Is there something you know or remember that is now different? Something that you believe to be true that is not true in the current reality. I have only one memory of something I am sure that happened in 1966 that by all current accounts did not happen. But I do remember it and that is why I thought the solution to the paradox in Frequency was believable.


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    Tony Guest


    Aloha Glenn,

    I can't think of one at this moment. What you describe strikes a chord but at this moment I can't recall a specific experience,

    If as some believe, that all realities, past , present and future are all coexisting in the "now", then each may be tunable. Each may occupy a certain "frequency". Just as many programs "exist' simultaneously on a tv set, each may be accessed individually. What you remember happening in 1966 may be an alternate time line that you tuned into.


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    Glenn said:

    "a mélange of spatial trigonometry"

    If Ed uses this on Art Bell, we will sue for theft of intellectual property, lol


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