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    Aloha All,

    Recently the Outrigger Hotel chain in Waikiki donated to the guild a full rack server complete with rack, server, backup server, 4 hard drives, monitors, and assorted communications and patching equipment. The Server is fully functional and was recently cleaned and reformatted. Its value is a bit less than $10,000. It is my intent to make the server accessible for a variety of Guild functions as well as support The Global Consciousness Project should our request for an “Egg” be approved. In the meantime if you have any questions please let me know.

    Aloha Glenn

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    Sounds like an awesome donation. What kind of Guild functions are going to be in our future?

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    Having a commercial grade server presents a great number of opportunities. While we currently have a Virtual Private Server most of its features are either not being utilized or are not open to the public. Our VPS only has 20 gigs of space while the commercial server goes into the terabits. I am looking at a sizeable video library that can be launched and a portion to be used for blogs, private websites for our members, as well some mapping applications. My company has some reserved space at Net-One (a secured communications facility) and I am working on permission to place the server in our spaces there. I have been very busy lately working on Internet projects for student housing in Waikiki and haven’t had a chance to get much personal or fun stuff done, but a new server for the Guild is definitely fun stuff.


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