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    Aloha All,

    The last few weeks we have had Movie Night for class on Monday eves. Of interest we have been following the Derren Brown Events. From the lottery predictions to the most recent “How to Control the Nation” episode we have been keeping up with Derren’s exploits. Let me state early on that I am a Derren Brown fan, primarily for his expertise in NLP and a few lesser known skills he uses in his productions. Recently he has been at the edge of the ability envelope as I see a degradation of skills in recent programs. Derren does a great job but too many things are beginning to be obvious in some of his work. Derren banks on people not paying attention and trying to capitalize on the obvious. In “How to Control the Nation” it is obvious that “Joe” was already outfitted with a wireless microphone before he was supposedly called up to the stage. It is little things like this that highlight deception. A week ago we viewed part 2 of his lottery series and it became evident that despite his skill DERREN SIMPLY CANNOT TELL THE TRUTH. If you watched the lottery scam then you know that almost everything DERREN SAID WAS A LIE. All instructions he gave to anyone involved in the program was in-fact a lie. There was no mouse in the box, no knife under the cups and too much of the production was based on a lie premise. The only truth in the entire lottery prediction series was at the end where Derren stated that it was all a trick. Derren is certainly one to watch and is very talented but he should get rid of the lies and deceptions and run with those things that he can actually do, which are amazing enough in themselves. Ego is pushing him into dangerous waters.

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    As Derren Brown's popularity increases and the need to provide for scheduled televised performances, so his use of more subtle skills declines. It seems that he doesn't have the time to set up the elaborate entrainments that he did for former productions. Maybe he was lying all along and is now just letting us in on it.

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    One of the things that Derren probably does when showing how to win the lotto on TV is something that another magician did (I can't remember his name)... not long ago.

    This other magician would walk up to people on the street and say "Go in that store and buy a lotto ticket and you'll win". You could tell he was using a little NLP on the "subject". As it turns out the guy would walk into the store buy the ticket and then come out and show everyone then scratch the um little circles off and win! They showed some guy claiming his ticket at a lotto office for like $1500 in cash.

    Unfortunately I found out later that what they do on TV (this trick only works on TV).... is that the magician asks lots of different people to go in stores and buy tickets... they film all this, and most of those people DO NOT win... but eventually somebody does win and then that's the one they show on TV. So it's a big scam from top to bottom. I would imagine many of Derren's tricks only work for a TV audience, in real life it would never happen.


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