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Thread: Remote Viewing Controversial Historical Events, Personages, Locations and Objects:

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    Tony Guest

    Default Remote Viewing Controversial Historical Events, Personages, Locations and Objects:

    Is there any data which can show that when remote viewers target the past to determine the actual circumstances surrounding a controversial historic subject, the results are not corrupted by conflicting beliefs, belief systems or archetypes which are powerfully represented in the collective unconscious or even the beliefs of the remote viewer. Some examples which might be considered in this category are the following: the Kennedy assassination, the historical Jesus, Atlantis, crystal skulls, authorship of Shakespeare's works, the Shroud of Turin.

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    Aloha Tony,

    You ask a very interesting question. I believe that the viewer is responsible for the data that they produce and if we take that position then there is another question to answer.

    When a remote viewer seeks to collect information on a target what are the sources of origin for that data?

    We have to sort through what we think exists in that environment in which they pull the data. If it is the soup of consciousness then there is a distinct possibility that everything real and unreal associated with a target is in that environment and subject to collection.


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    Tony Guest


    Thanks Glenn. Do you think that an experienced remote viewer would have a better chance utilizing ERV in determining whether a target based on a controversial historical subject was mythical in nature or was composed of actual events? Perhaps actual events perceived in an ERV session would have a different signature than the myth?

    This question first arose when sessions by two first rate remote viewers found the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull to be of Central American origin. Mitchell-Hedges daughter, Anna claimed to have found it at the age of 16 in the ruins of a Mayan pyramid during an archeological survey of the site by her father. Skeptical researchers believe they have established that the skull was crafted in Europe. Although some holes could be poked in their theory.

    By the way John Alexander claims that the goat was put down by dim ma, an Easter martial arts skill. He says he saw the photos of the necropsy of the goat and there was a path of energy across the chest.



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    Aloha Tony,

    I think I agree with you that ERV would be a more appropriate format to determine the reality of a specific bit of data. It is unlikely that enough data exists in the signature of a myth, or lie, to allow a viewer to model it as a reality from which to extract data.

    As for the goats, John has changed his story since the book was first published. Originally when John was asked about the goat (see Crazy Rulers of the World) he referred Ronson to Guy Savelli who stated he dropped the goat using mental power alone. Recently John has been attributing the goat to one dropped using Dim Mak. Now my part of the story was that Qi Qong was used to drop the goat. Regardless what the movie will portray will be the mental powers scenario. Letís keep in mind that the movie is fiction so it is only ideas about certain events and they have been fictionalized to keep to the Jedi mystic they are trying to establish.


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