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Thread: Remote Medical Diagnosis?

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    Default Remote Medical Diagnosis?

    I understand there are a few people doing Remote Medical RV.
    Has HRVG ever done any of this, even on an experimental basis?

    Who out there who is qualified, is teaching it?


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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Medical RV

    A few months ago a very interesting gentleman visited HRVG and we spent a unique evening with him. Rob Abbott reads chakras and is a medical intuitive using chakra energy. (I hope I’m explaining this correctly.)
    HRVG can be a tough crowd, the psychic version of “show me yours, I’ll show you mine.” Glenn offered an “opportunity” for Rob to read one of our members. It was a thinly veiled challenge. Rob had never met the lady. She sat down, and he ran his hands thru the air over her chakra points and correctly stated several of her on-going medical problems. We were impressed.

    Then Glenn sat down. Same routine- Rob wiped the air in front of Glenn’s chakras and identified a few areas where Glenn has some lasting issues from jumping out of airplanes and smacking into barns. He pointed to Glenn’s shoulder and said, “You have chronic trouble here.” Many of us have known Glenn for more than a decade and have never heard anything about any shoulder problem. Someone asked Glenn about it and he replied, “I’m not a whiner.” But he confirmed the reading.

    By then I was quite interested. So I sat down. Rob stroked the air a few inches from my chakras. He stopped at my right deltoid. “There’s a problem here.” He moved his palm back and forth slightly in front of my upper arm like someone lightly petting a fluffy dog. Then he said, “You just had an injection of some kind right here.” He pointed to my deltoid. About 4 days earlier a doctor had given me a cortisone shot for a painful condition.

    We were all impressed with Rob Abbott’s ability.

    Glenn’s most recent demonstration target was a person of some historical note. When Glenn worked that target in front of the class (on camera) he provided specifics details about the person’s health. Glenn stated that a he suffered a broken hip when a streetcar hit him. Glenn also stated in his session that the person had died a lingering death from pneumonia. Historical records confirm these facts.

    We don’t have any formal protocols for medical RV, but in a good session all information is available. I wouldn’t want to be tasked knowing the session was medical in nature. Too much frontloading.



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    Aloha Robert & Dick,

    I have to agree with Dick. Rob is very talented and he has certainly skilled himself in listening to the human body. I am of a mind to say that I would think that perhaps a person with extensive knowledge of the physical body and all its weaknesses would be the best candidate for intuitive analysis.

    As a remote viewer I would say that impressions I get about some illness or weakness of the target are very fleeting and if I don’t listen carefully I will miss them. Sometimes I remember the information after I collected it, having missed it on the initial pass. It really does seem that personal physical condition data zooms by and is easy to miss. I try and grasp any impression I get and quickly begin speaking about it and it begins to fill in. It’s a bit tricky for me.


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    Thanks Glenn.
    I came across a Rob Abbott on the internet/google.
    This one is associated with some church out in Portland Oregon.
    I've dropped an email to see if it the same person who visited you guys.

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