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Thread: Stay Safe

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    Default Stay Safe

    Hope everyone is doing okay.

  2. Default So fAR SO GOOD...

    Aloha Michelle,

    In between wave 3 and 4 just now and so far not too much wave activity. Four more and we are out of the woods.


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    Default Relieved....

    Just wanted to pop over b/c I was thinking of you all when I heard the news of the Hawaii alert earlier today. (Even announced it in an online meeting I had today - with other RVers no less!) And checking messages tonight, I see that CRV people were thinking of you too. Glad things are AOK!!!


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    They are just now reporting on Japan and I know I saw a report early in the AM. I haven't heard any other reports about Japan, only Chile.

  5. Default Island Life...

    Living on an island so far away from the rest of the world doesn't come without a certain amount of risk. Hawaii is the most remote landmass on the earth. So much blue water in every direction. It's hard to believe an earthquake almost 7,000 miles away could affect us all here and threaten our existence. With an active volcano just a few islands away we seldom think about tsunamis coming from afar but usually worry about the ones our own islands can generate. On the big island is a volcanic shelf which is threatening to crack and slide beneath the water. When it does, and it will, it will send a wall of water to our island over a thousand feet high and will wipe clean the coastal regions of Oahu and our other islands, there will be very little warning, it will just happen.

    In life it seems we prioritize where and when we care. Today we lament the tragic events in Chile, while just a few weeks ago it was Hati. It's tough living on a planet hurtling through the Universe. What will next week bring us, what will tomorrow bring us.

    The challenge is to push on and learn how to live on our little Blue marble.


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    Default And the Native Peoples say we all live on Turtle Island

    Tsunami is much on the mind, even for those who live on the East Coast.
    Everyone talks about 2012, but what about July 2010 with the T-square?

    I have spoken with others and we talk also of being present and pushing on because we are living in interesting times no doubt. Be present and aware, find your place if the answer comes to you, but also remember that we do dwell in eternity ultimately. This life is just a passing shadow, as it has so often been said.

    And like the ravages of the tides and the winds lace the shorelines, carving a different character into them - so too are our lives laced, whittled, and carved out, towards a greater definition, however humble, meager -- somehow from the bones of that allure we follow - what is fancied to the depths and continues to be followed.

    I so often feel encouraged by your poetic voice Glenn - I thank you for all you have given of yourself to all of us ~~


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