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    With this post there is a potential I may make a complete fool of myself and not to mention offend some people at HRVG in a big way. So beforehand I will say that none of this is my intention.

    I contemplated posting this as a blog post instead, which I have also been doing from the start of April for about a week, but I feel I should expose these thoughts in here so maybe they will benefit RV newbies in the future.

    So here goes. Vulnerability means that you're willing to put yourself out there and go for it 100 percent, knowing that failure may mean you'll be laughed at, ridiculed and worse. It doesn't always go that way, but sometimes it does. This is especially true in dating.

    Remote Viewing is not dating. Yet learning it, means putting your stuff on the table in front of the whole group. Now as an international student-by-email I don't have that problem. Even so, it doesn't make it any easier.

    I have worked a total of six targets now, doing ideograms only, three pages per target (with only the first target having done one page because I misunderstood the instructions). Two of these targets, including the one I submitted just before midnight (a couple of hours ago) were pretty consistent with the ideograms I had drawn. With consistent I mean that I appeared to had been on target.

    Now the issue I have is the following (and I reiterate that I do not wish to offend anyone); I have caught myself thinking "What if my target is not predetermined by my targeteer, or is changed by my targeteer after I submit my pages, so that they match the ideograms I drew, in order to boost my confidence?". I know this implies that my teacher (Dick) would be dishonest with me. I am not saying that he is. All I'm saying is - and all I am trying to get across in this post is - that THIS, this is what insecurity does to a person. See I know that remote viewing works. I do not need to be able to do it myself in order for me to believe it works. When I see ordinary people with ordinary, mainstream jobs, doing extraordinary things, I believe it. But to believe it works and to believe it works for me, are two different things.

    Now here's some irony for you; Yesterday I was thinking about this and imagined a different scenario, where I would be sent the target ID and the (actual) target photo in advance, zipped with a password, only to be supplied to me after I had submitted my ideograms, so that there would be no way that my target could be changed after I had shown my ideograms and I could simply enter the password and see the target photo. But then it hit me; What if right then and there I would have a 'eureka session', where I would be absolutely on target, wouldn't I want Dick to know that I absolutely hadn't front-loaded it before doing the session, or in plain English, wouldn't I want him to know I didn't peek? Yes I would and there is the irony.

    My point with this post is that it is hard for the beginner to accept one's ability to be able to learn this. Not because he/she doesn't want to, or wants to judge or think twice about one's own work, but because the conscious mind is constantly at work to contaminate any self-confidence/self-esteem buildup in the person. The conscious mind will do whatever it can to overthrow the subconscious mind, or simply the subconscious, so that it prevails and not giving the subconscious a chance to bring about any changes in the conscious behavior, likewise allowing one to trust what the subconscious has to say. I once read about this in a book, and I am seeing - living it as I learn to remote view.

    I hope this post hasn't offended anyone at HRVG, especially not Dick, and that this gives a little insight into what it means for a beginner to put their work on the table and surrender to whatever comes your way. It means being open to anything and everything and just take it. It means being vulnerable.
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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default The Only Person You Have To Convince...


    Good questions, and it is good to ask as many questions as possible. If something is true it can withstand any scrutiny. I like the way your mind works Coen. Please don't find this email dismissive or angry. I love your questions.

    It has always been the policy at HRVG (led by Glenn) that you only need to prove remote viewing to one person- yourself.

    HRVG has always been quite careful about chain of custody. Here is way for you to get around these questions. I'll send you a few targets with the Target ID in the subject and feedback in the body of the email. Just look at the ID in the subject and work the target, then when you are done open the email to see the target photo. Keep in mind such work would only be for you privately, and would never qualify for publication, but it would satisfy your personal dilemma about whether we're messing with you. :-)

    Dr. Courtney Brown also addressed this issue in his recent "Multiple Universes" project by published encrypted versions of the sessions PRIOR TO THE EVENT HAPPENING, and prior to tasking.


    PS The targets you have worked are documented as being tasked before you worked them. I won't tell you how, but I could prove it in a court of law.

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Coen Goes To Mars

    Did he capture a brief visual perception of the Martian horizon? This was 2 seconds of target time a quick LOOK. I say he was there.
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    Aloha Coen,

    At Hrvg from the earliest days there has been a hard fast rule in effect. That rule is, and always has been, “Chain of Custody” of targets. It is the responsibility of anyone in the Guild who Targeteers and publishes targets to keep records of all Targeteering activities and provide that information into the Guild record. Everyone who attended resident classes at Hrvg knows that the target they are working sits snugly in a sealed envelope in plain sight at the front of the class. Those who train via the net do so via Skype and email. The taskers always email those targets you are tasked to work to my email at the time you are tasked.

    There is nothing to be gained by cheating the system but everything to be lost by cheating.

    It is never our intent to merely present you a course of instruction and have you walk away with some sense of accomplishment (real or imagined). It is our intent to develop you to become a Guild viewer. Remote viewers are not trained, they are developed and those that teach will certainly want you to do well but they won’t cheat for you.

    Your questions are certainly not offensive but are expected. It is the logical question you should ask as you begin to reconcile performance and what it means to you as a viewer.


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    Thanks for your answers guys and thanks for approaching this professionally.

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    This is what I really enjoy about HRVG. They do the job right and are making accomodations for you. I could suggest that you try it for yourself based on the level that you are at right now. Dick has shown you how your renderings fit into the photo.

    So, if he is finding photo's to match what you drew, give it a shot yourself. But, make sure you log the time. I know that I don't have that much personal time available. When I came to HRVG I pushed Dick (and myself) at least one target a week. Bear in mind that not everyone knows how to data mine and with your background, it's a good chance that you do. But, I barely can make the time to work the target, let alone data mine the internet.

    Believe it or not...Dick and Glenn also have lives and lots of students. So, measure the time it takes you even to data mine a photo that fits your particular rendering. At some point, does it not seem impractical?

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    You make a good point Michele. I don't know what else to add, so I will leave it at this. Thanks for your thoughts.

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