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Thread: Some of the things which have changed for me since I started Remote Viewing

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    Default Some of the things which have changed for me since I started Remote Viewing

    I want to share with you some of the things that have changed for me in other areas of my life since I started my HRVG training. These are not illusions, nor insignificant changes. I have noticed a very large improvement in many things where I had a lot of problems before. Here are some of them:

    • First and foremost I have become a lot more focused, especially about pursuing my aspirations and dreams.
    • I have become more disciplined. I know this is similar to being more focused, but with discipline I specifically mean that I won't fall for the trap of procrastinating things so much anymore. It's like Dick standing behind me with a sledgehammer.
    • I feel more at peace and don't experience so much anymore the constant need to do something (not being able to sit still without doing something).
    • When either meditating, or preparing for an RV session (Cooling Down), I hardly have any inner mind chatter going on anymore. My mind doesn't wander off and stays focused (even without music) and I am able to reach lower brainwave frequencies much quicker. Especially this I find remarkable.
    • I am noticing an increase in weird coincidences, like having a flash of someone walking by on the street and then a few seconds later it happens exactly like I saw it in my mind's eye, with the same clothing and colors and the person's features. Another example is yesterday when I was riding the train I was listening to a track I had not heard before and this inner voice said "The music is at 15:41 minutes right now.". Upon checking it went from 15:40 to 15:41 minutes. That gave me goose bumps.
    • I don't get aggravated with dumb people and unnecessary situations that I otherwise would find annoying and instead I focus on either resolving the situation or bailing out (which would be resolving it too I suppose..).
    • And last but definitely not least, I am beginning to believe that what I have been doing so far was indeed being on target and not my imagination. But this really deserves its own topic. Yesterday I realized, that if it's not my imagination or AOL (Analytical Overlay) (or is that considered the same thing?), then it must be the signal line, or whatever you want to call it. Indeed sometimes I see nothing, and that may just be because at that specific attempt, the target may be far off in the horizon or beyond. Likewise when I draw what looks like a tree, and which I might interpret that way (although I should not do that of course) it can be anything from fireworks spewing up, to a fountain and other things.

    Anyway, I am now preparing for the next phase of S1, Sponids (Spontaneous Ideograms) and I can't wait until tonight when I do the session.


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    Please forgive my unintentional graffiti - spray-painting the forum with unrelenting enthusiasm, embodied and given gestalt with a multitude of topics. Henceforth, I shall draw upon existing materials to convey my message.

    Regressing to the topic at hand, an additional thought has come to mind lately. Remote Viewing seems to draw on the person's ability to execute structured protocols that invoke the intuition. Thus, one could assume that if the intuition is always correct, we need only to filter out the cognitive interpretation of that intuition as well as any additional material to be on target all the time.

    To me this presents an interesting reciprocal relationship with instant thought patterns which happen throughout our lives. For those like me which unfortunately are unable to retain good concentration for prolonged periods of time, as well as memorizing appointments, errants and other time-constrained activities - instantaneous thoughts (or intuition?) reminding us of an activity, bode well with regard to successful living. For the greater part of my life I have had trouble with these things, but now every time I simply do something which comes to mind, I not only not forget things anymore, actually doing it gives rise to those instantaneous thoughts and they happen more frequently when I act upon them.

    I am now wondering how far this rabbit hole goes. It is very exciting to see this develop, especially over such a short period of time. Not to toot my horn, but a friend of mine comforted me last night with a rather remarkable compliment; When I expressed my frustration with the current state of the economy, she said using slightly different words "Where your growth for work is at a slowing at this time, your spiritual growth is in leaps and bounds.".

    I often wonder about the people in this forum. Going over the pages of threads from years ago, I see both active participation and topics where no replies are made to. Regarding the latter, I have made quite a few of those. Now, without me trying to beg for attention (that's not what this is about), I do want to say that I hope that - although my topics may not always be directly related to the practice and application of Remote Viewing - that they show an alternate side to the topic that may be unseen by the outside world. I was very much inspired by a story Dick wrote which he posted here called Inside The Mind Of A Remote Viewer. I am nowhere near the level he is, but the gist of that topic tells a tale of collaterality - i.e. concomitant occurrences which happen because of increased Extra-Sensory Perception. I feel, though even at this lowest of levels, an immense change in how I go about life. That is an amazing gift. That alone has made this whole training worth more than money can buy. And I just wanted to share that with you.
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    Aloha Coen,

    Don’t feel any remorse for rambling along with your thoughts on the remote viewing experience; it is a paradigm reconciliation process we all go through. To be a remote viewer means to expand not only what you think, but how you think. Often during the process of learning to remote view you find yourself forced to balance on what you know and believe. It is a bit like surfing really. As you kick off to match speed with the forming wave you reach a point of no return. It is a point where you are forced to pull back and let the massive mountain of water pass you by or final kick over the cap, leaping to your feet during the race down the face only to fling yourself into the bottom turn to avoid the crush of the collapsing wave. There is a sweet spot at the point where the wave pressure breaks against the water pulled up into the wave. Here you can ride the wave but any distraction is perilous, too fast and you risk overshooting into the slower moving water to get pounded; too slow and the wave passes you by. The key is focus.

    Then I would ask what do you believe? What can you believe? If your belief system open to the myriad of tasking potentials? Can I send you to the future, to the past, across the Universe? And then if you find that you can, will you go?

    I have seen too many sessions where the viewer made the leap to the target but could not keep the link open. Not because they couldn’t; but because they began to wrestle their own intellect about the process. We are forced to reconcile a new reality. While I believe we create our own reality in a limited way, I do not believe we create all of reality. I believe you can realize the past or a future across space time, but if you go to the roof of a skyscraper and leap off I do not believe you can create flight. More than likely you will find your reality at a close. So what parts of reality can we indeed create?

    Hrvg has tackled that question for the last 13 years or so. We find ourselves in the midst of a reality riddle in our work with Entrainment. We find we can change the conscious reality of the future from the past but can we reverse it. My project of the last several years has been to find a way to send a coherent message to the past avoiding the paradox of knowledge. Reality tells us that if I succeed then it didn’t really happen from the future at all but has always been just as it was from its origins in the past. It changes reality but avoids the paradox. To accept the reality requires the dismissal of how it really happened and some can’t wrap their mind around that as truth, but it is what happens when you play with time. This is a small reality curve for chaotic thinking humans just now learning to grasp that reality isn’t real.

    When you make a post and share your experience you may find a few replies or no replies. Regardless you leave a legacy for those that follow as you began to shape your new reality.

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    Thanks Glenn! That last paragraph is a nice quote for a signature.

    I have been looking into the experiment you speak of, of the Man at 11 O clock. I have yet to finish the mammoth thread though. Interesting stuff, even though I have never believed in time travel because of the paradoxes involved.

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