This morning I woke up with a terrible headache that is still pounding my head as I type this. I don't take a pain reliever unless I absolutely have to, but this one is not going away.

The same with my enthusiasm for the subject. I was dreaming about a target ID. It was in front of my face at the height of Blackboard, but the background was not black. It was black letters on a white background. Every time I tried to read the target ID, I was 'thrown out' of the dream. Then shortly after I would see the visual again of the ID on the white background. After about four or five times attempting to read the target, I woke up and noticed the incredible headache.

I know this sort of thing is caused by too much being focused on something. And I also didn't have enough sleep (not an uncommon thing for me). But I usually don't get headaches unless I've visited a Japanese restaurant or ate something with MSG or an artificial sweetener in them and when I had a little too much to drink the night prior. I carefully watch what I eat and the last time I had a beer was late Spring last year.

I wonder what happened.