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    Over the years people have asked us to explain, just what is "tagging?" Tagging is the term we use to describe spontaneous moments of remote viewing or "knowing" that tend to occur after a person trains formally as a remote viewer.

    When you learn a method of remote viewing the goal is to establish a communication pathway between the subconscious and the primary awareness so that you can "on demand" have non-local awareness. Working on this opens the pathway in a manner that allows the subconscious to give us information in our daily lives. Actually I believe all humans have these thoughts but just do not learn how to recognize them.

    Last week, out of the blue, I thought of an old friend, a news cameraman that I worked with for 20 years who moved to the mainland a few years ago. I had not heard from him in years. But one of "those thoughts" popped into my awareness and made me pause. I thought he might be dead or dying.

    Glenn encourages us to keep a journal, and document precognitive thoughts. I sent this email to Glenn:

    From: Dick Allgire <allgired001(2)>

    Date: April 14, 2010 6:35:20 PM HST

    To: Glenn Wheaton <>

    Subject: Precog

    I think an old friend named Bob just passed away, or is going to pass very soon. The feeling is quite strong. I have not communicated with him for several years.

    Wed. 14 April 2010


    On Saturday I again thought about my old friend, and actually laid down for a few moments and put myself into an inclined orbit at Theta. For an instant he came to me, I felt from another place. (Not the mainland, lol) The feeling this time was even stronger.

    Today (April 19) I learned that Bob Campbell died in Oregon on Saturday April 17.

    Tagging. See ya later, Bob.


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    Actually I believe all humans have these thoughts but just do not learn how to recognize them.
    That's a very true statement Dick, and in fact most people would probably agree with you, but until they actually "catch" themselves in the act of having a spontaneous tagging session (as you choose to call it).... you don't really understand.

    Recently I felt very tired one morning and could not figure out what was going on since I should have been full of energy and very awake. I had this burning question in my mind that I could not answer... why was I tired?

    Spontaneously I got very quiet and started to focus all my attention on my "third-eye" located between my eyebrows and as I kept all my focus there....and all I did was wait in a very quiet mind-state. After a few seconds of waiting the answer just popped into my mind.... I had taken a pill early in the morning for my allergies and this was making me tired.

    This whole spontaneous episode of focusing on my forehead to get an answer was done completely with no prior thought on my part.... I just did it in response to a burning question. It's interesting when the subconscious takes over and just does what it knows how to do.

    The most important part of all this was actually "watching myself" do it. Now I know how I can "tag" something anytime I want... since I now have this spontaneous demonstation to look back upon.

    More RVers need to watch themselves in situations like this.... you'll learn more from your spontaneous subconscous actions... than you could learn in a long drawn-out RV training. At least that's the way I feel. And to think I've done this dozens of times in the past... and never actually noticed what I did and how I did it. It does add up to some amazing revelations.


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