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    I am just a little embarrassed. When you said, "OBL may be grabbed within the next few days," I responded with: "OBL?" What is it? Well DUH! What was I THINKING that day.

    So Osama hasn't been caught yet. I am curious how you arrived at that and if you have any more prediction regarding Osama.


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    One of the ways to find out about a target is to look at something not necessarily directly related to it. You can in effect take a "Fuzzy" approach using information that will lead you to the target. Let's say you worked in an Intel shop tasked to monitor all communications in an area. While you may never catch your enemy on the radio, a cell call, or a sat phone you can assemble data from what there is to collect to point you in the right direction. It could be a commercial sale of grain used to feed horses or overhead thermal scans of village areas where there is no traffic on certain streets where there should be normal traffic flow. The OBL post had to do with the opinions of some friends that felt certain that there would be an encounter between the OBL camp and forces moving in a remote area of Pakistan.


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