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Thread: Mars- Where Is Everybody?

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Mars- Where Is Everybody?

    The remote viewing community recently completed work on a major project. The target was a Mars anomaly. One of the few times so many viewers from so many schools worked in concert on a target like this.

    I’m surprised at the lack of discussion. Did anyone look at this? Does anyone have any opinions?

    Do you think the viewers hit target? What about the “strange” data produced by viewers, including myself?

    It’s okay to talk about this folks. In fact we ought to be exchanging all kinds of critique and opinion.


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    Interesting sketches you made of what you perceived to be a human. It's also interesting that in one sketch you got something like a pre-historic human. Makes you wonder if this is a miltarry operation or perhaps a human-alien/hybrid thing.... or both.

    Also, you sketch of what you perceived to be a human having an inspiration, or maybe something like an NDE (as you called it). Almost sounds like a new species being birthed.

    Have you ever thought try to go back to this target on your own and just see what else you could squeeze out it?


    Overall, very interesting target and I'm not completely surprized Farsight decided to go there in light of it's past endevors. Makes you wonder if those are the "martians" CB saw as reported in his first book.
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    Default Gotta laugh...

    Remote viewing will change your world and your worldview so completely. Dick, do you remember the first target I ever worked for you? It was the mask of Tanner Dam which was actually a stock market prediction.

    I am so math impaired that if I had the slightest idea that it was a financial target in nature, I would never have submitted anything at all. Then you and I might never have met. At the time, I was considering starting up with Lyn under his training program. It is only as a result of that target that I started working with HRVG.

    Now, it appears that you guys have done it again with this target. Even years and years ago I was never impressed with the idea of Out of Body experiences. I can't figure out why people are so enthralled with such an experience. It probably is also at the root of why I don't remember my dreams, but I digress.

    I don't like the idea of being so *far away*. There are guided meditations that use silver cords and other methods to keep you anchored/tied to your physical body, but I never liked those either. When open source information first came out about Star Gate, there were the remote viewings of Jupiter that were cited. And I remember thinking that I would just never be comfortable doing a remote viewing in outer space.

    So, I am spending more time reflecting on the successful remote viewing that I had on this target. The word "bastards" keeps coming to mind, but it is followed by a laugh and is not really meant in any real sense other than I have been pushed past my own limitations with this target.

    As far as the target itself, my own background is negligent. I have no background to verify that the photo is even indeed of Mars. Further, credentials do me no good at all, as I have not had an interest in Mars, or outer space in general through the years. You could put any name or organization in there and I would not know whether or not they were credible.

    Luckily, I think this actually supports the findings instead of denegrating them. I had no prior belief systems - except a determined desire not to go there.

    It is not up to us as viewers to analyze the target, only to deliver the information.

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    Hello Dick:


    Most of the viewers (HRVG, TRV, SRV and CRV) seem to zero in with similar
    descriptions; Dick indicates a changing of/to new body and
    Sita drawing pictures of NDE or OBE experience/out of body.

    Viewers seem to gravitate toward high energy scenarios with phase shifts:
    liquid/gaseous/solids/ and back; lots of volcanism as well but not
    necessarily lava; something more on the order of underground water seem
    present in the form of “spray”. I think that’s interesting as there is so much talk among
    the science community about underground water being present on Mars.

    I’m also struck by the use of the words “spray” and “nozzle.” that appears to
    shows up in the sessions and lots of people/living beings doing “on hands experimental work.”

    The sessions seemed so similar I have to wonder how much telepathic
    overlay may have played a role in the project. That alone would be remarkable.

    I would love to be around to see hard feedback someday but I don’t think I will be around to see it anytime in the future.(:-)
    With just the photos as very limited feedback I'd say the viewers were spot on in that they seemed to have "viewed" the photos. The rest of their
    remarks remain problematic but interesting.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert View Post
    they seemed to have "viewed" the photos.
    But are we viewing the target or the photograph. This has always been an illusive point for me. When we are operational, is a photograph required or could we just say go the US/Mexican border and view the situational problems there in real time. As long as we are not told it is the US/Mexican border I don't see how it could be contstrued as a front loaded target.

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    The famous Pat Price who viewed for H.Putoff and R.Targ at SRI did a remarkable session where he not only viewed the target in the “present” but the past as well; he described buildings no longer at the target site. It is possible that the “Farsight special project” remote viewer’s also slipped into the future and described events that WILL take place. We will never know until we get there and I suspect I will not be around when space explorer's DO get there; even if I were I doubt we would be told much.

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    Tony Guest


    My wife, Pat, on an Martian target tasked by David Morehouse remote viewed a subterranean location in which a group of tall humanoids were gathered around some sort of waterworks. She got the distinct impression that her presence was not wanted there.

    Joe McMoneagle remote viewed an ancient civilization on Mars populated by tall humanoids.

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    daz smith Guest


    The problem is twofold.

    feedback - there is not enough to verify 90% of the viewers data.

    secondly 'overlay'. As the tasker and analyst were both Courtney then we could just be expressing his beliefs about the Mars targets especially as the tasking shows a bias in a man made scenario direction from him form the start.

    without allot more feedback we will never know.

    Michele - the target should always be the actual location unless its expressly specified that the target is an image[photo. Images are used primarily as feedback and the viewer should be viewing the actual location. Unless specified differently.

    All the best...


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    What is "telepathic overlay"?

    Quote Originally Posted by daz smith View Post
    the target should always be the actual location unless its expressly specified that the target is an image[photo. Images are used primarily as feedback and the viewer should be viewing the actual location. Unless specified differently.
    But if the target is an image/photo, it still represents or may represent the target. So how is that any different from not using an image/photo? I don't understand this.

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    Many people are good at viewing the "feed back picture," and that itself is nothing to scoff at. In most remote viewing sessions the tasker is looking for MORE than that. Information ABOUT the target is being sought after.

    Its nice when you can connect to the target and describe it; now tell us about it.

    When you have a number of people in a room doing the same target it is possible that in their "sympathetic state" of mind, they also connect with each other in the room, picking up and sharing on a subconscious level information along with everything else, including the AOL's (analytical overlay).

    In this case the viewers were NOT in the same room but scattered all over the place. There may or may not have been any telepathic overlay.

    Here is an answer from Lyn Buchanan with a slightly different twist, but relevant.
    Lyn Buchanan FAQ:

    Does Telepathy Figure Into Group Training?
    I just recently read (of a comment you made) that training in groups has its benefits in that the students seem to learn faster. Might you think that the "learning" may be telepathic overlay of the group rather than the individual student creating the connection between conscious and unconscious?
    I think that's a large part of it, but with a very interesting twist:
    The students are all working on different targets, not the same target.
    If one considers the role of telepathic overlay in this situation, then what is getting shared between minds is not information about a target, but actual remote viewing skills. That is, as each person connects with his/her subconscious, the actual process of learning how to do so is shared. That's neat!
    I know that skills can be passed from one person to another telepathically, just the same as information or ideas. I hadn't realized that the group dynamic might help the process along. If that is truly what is happening in the group training, then I think it's one of the greatest benefits to come out of it.
    If the students were all working the same target, the information about that target would be passed back & forth. When everyone's session was over, that would be that. However, when it is the skills which are getting passed back & forth, the result is more permanent. Once those skills are experienced, whether through hard work or telepathic overlay, the student becomes aware of new pathways: of new ways of thinking. Then, even if only vaguely and partially remembered afterwards, the experience of that awareness allows the student to more easily work toward his/her final goal of establishing a clear, open and active communication between the conscious and subconscious minds.

    ALSO is a link to Ingo Swann on the same subject:


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