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Thread: Mars- Where Is Everybody?

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    I think most people would fail that test because I don't believe telepathy is something that we can just turn on at will. If that were the case I'd be a very rich man. Telepathic experiences seem to happen, in my opinion, when we're NOT trying. Everyone has experienced this in my opinion when they think about a friend they haven't seen in years and they call that very day, or in my case I think about my old aunt who is still living, bless her heart, and she calls me with in moments. Of course it could be all coincidence. But the events happen, not because we stop and say, "I have not heard from so and so for ages, I'll send them a telepathic message and see how they are doing." Why bother when you can just pick up the phone, unless they don't have a phone.

    Sigmund Freud, while a hard nosed scientist, commented in his writings about this psychic component, especially in hypnosis where he observed what he called telepathic happenings. He played it down and almost never talked about it, probably for professional reasons.

    I had an unusual experience several years back while waiting for a bus in the downtown metro area. At this time I was in some very dark mental spaces and not someone you would want to meet for a happy afternoon lunch. I was just not thinking much about anything; totally spaced out I suddenly heard IN MY HEAD "you ought to be ashamed of yourself" and my immediate mental response was, "Why. I didn't do anything!" And at that very moment I had eye contact with an elderly black lady who was standing nearby waiting for the bus. She just looked at me,shook her head and turned away with the slyest of looks. For just a moment there had been this mental contact. I call that telepathy. I don't think it was deliberate on her part. We were both "just waiting" and somehow we connected just for a few seconds and she read me and responded with disgust. I don't blame her. Looking back at my life there were some really disgusting moments I'm not proud of. In my opinion, that was telepathic. And I can tell you I am very careful what I carry around in my consciousness.

    I have tried doing deliberate experiments where I attempted to contact someone telepathically and I can tell you deliberation doesn't work in the same way your experiment doesn't work. There have been dream experiments in dream telepathy that have had better success.

    No. In my opinion telepathic experiences seem to be intrusions that happen when we're just not thinking about it happening. But opinions are like button holes; everyone has at least one.


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    >So all things considered equal Remote Viewing is not Telepathy. Remote Viewing is not mind-to-mind it is consciousness-to-consciousness.

    When we get a bit more exotic such as our work with masking and entrainment we find we drift deeper into channels of consciousness and further from telepathic possibilities. Telepathy is little more than mind talking while the Remote Viewer is the time traveler, the watcher. Masking is actually playing with the fabric of consciousness and shaping it so that it can interact with the greater reality.<

    I agree with you on that point, "remote viewing is not telepathy." Telepathy is just what it is, a facet of psychic function. Remote viewing to me is the methodology. In my opinion, intuition, telepathy, and whatever other words that designate this function are just facet's of the diamond presenting itself in different ways or reflecting light in different patterns.

    >Remote Viewing is not mind-to-mind it is consciousness-to-consciousness.<

    There are some deep philosophical issues here such as "What IS mind." and What IS consciousness." Are they separate entities or one and the same? If science ever gets a handle on just what mind and consciousness really is and how it comes into being it may be necessary for us to rethink our assumptions about all of this.


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    Well..I guess Glenn touched on the tempest in the teapot for the best clarification.

    If you try to send your driver's license number to me telepathically and I pick up information regarding a great many things that a driver's license 'can be'. Is that telepathy or remote viewing. And, wasn't there an article recently that talked about 'guessing the number of jelly beans in a jar'. We don't really count and numbers arent really real...they are just symbols we use to communicate with out mouths. Maybe telepathy just happens in a language we don't understand. Maybe it requires that both people have exactly the same common points of reference. That would be a rare thing indeed for two individuals to have exactly the same mental represenation, even for mundane tasks. Almost like having two fingerprints be the same. From time to time, it may come very close spontaneously, but not a day to day experience for certain. Further, even when two minds might brush each other, it is unplanned unless you are kind of searching for that other exact mind out there. Kind of like the listening device deployed for UFOs. One mind would have to be constantly seeking.

    Robert: Thankfully, I've much better 'moments'. I can still remember the last one, but it is not suitable for mixed company.

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    daz smith Guest


    The whole problem with this 'telepathy or not' debate is there is no real way to tell.

    What we do know is that everything in the universe is connected - that means you and I are connected at some level - now whether you want to call the communication at this level telepathy or not is irrelevant as its just a label - the truth is we are all connected and that communication is possible. This also means that all involved have an influence on every level of an RV process.

    all the best...

    Daz Smith

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    >If you try to send your driver's license number to me telepathically and I pick up information regarding a great many things that a driver's license 'can be'. Is that telepathy or remote viewing.<

    Telepathy is far as I know is considered "mind to mind." That is what you are describing. But if you were to write on a piece of paper your DL number and below it, "Describe the target." and then put that in a sealed envelope with some kind of Target ID number on the outside of the envelope, your essentially setting up a remote viewing session. This is NOT mind to mind. Your asking the person at the other end to access the target in the envelope (not access your mind) to describe it.

    There is a second important and real issue there and that is CUEING the target. How the target is cued means, "what is the intent; what information do you want to know and is it in the past, present or the future. Cueing the target is extremely important in the RV process. Not done properly, the viewer will be all over the place giving all kinds of information.

    Dick and Glenn can explain that better than I can, at least from the HRVG perspective.

    Can a person remote view numers such as dates?

    HRVG did and I think still does a protocol for getting numbers such as dates (numbers, not the ones you eat or the ones you go out on Saturday night.Teh heh heh.)


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    This issue is not as important to me really. I dislike the question have you been psychic all your life, because I'm not sure how to answer that. If remote viewing takes the function away from the 'garbage' junk that is routinely associated with psi, then I'm all for it.

    I must say about my personal experience with psi is that is very uncontrolled and so therefore there is no way to scientifically prove it. I laughed though when I got to the NIMO portion of HRVG. Your supposed to cut your eyes left and work the right side of the NIMO, correct? There are other ways of interpreting that when someone is doing it naturally and not inside a NIMO session. I still find that sometimes I forget to use the NIMO. I just cut eyes left and start filling out the cells. I forget to touch my pen to each part of the NIMO. Whoops! But, I always make myself do it anyway just to pick up finer more controlled information. But, cutting our eyes left is a natural way to access information. NIMO just captures that.

    I don't need to prove telepathy and I'm quite happy with HRVG process that doesn't include it. While I may be operational, there is a great amount of learning left to do, so this is just a point I like to chew on a little bit!

    I think I like the subject of non verbal communication more than I like just telepathy all by itself. Having said that, magicians don't attract me other than just an entertainment value. We non verbally communicate with everyone around us all day long and maybe telepathy rides that back bone.

    Whether it is remote viewing or telepathy, if I could figure out how to read a series of numbers, I would already be a jackpot winner!

    Sometimes that whole nonverbal thing can make alot of trouble. I disklike accidentally picking up on things that are the opposite of what they are saying or doing. Makes problems where none should exist. So, remote viewing is a better framework. Unintentional psi is exhausting when you are trying to shut it down because it is countering what a person is doing or saying. I've been on both sides of that fence. Everyone is entitled to their privacy. Just because people have a certain thought doesnt mean they intend to act on it. Or, just because they have a thought doesn't mean it actually has anything to do with that person. It can misleading and confusing, so I usually dismiss it. If I don't dismiss it altogether, I just tuck it away in the back of my head...not something that I bring into interpersonal dynamics. But, to a certain extent, it changes my actions in interspersonal dynamics. Large crowds of people are overwhelming unless I really shut down which changes the way I act at parties or conventions or sometimes meetings...etc.

    Remote viewing dispenses with that quite readily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert View Post

    HRVG did and I think still does a protocol for getting numbers such as dates (numbers, not the ones you eat or the ones you go out on Saturday night.Teh heh heh.)

    Oh... you mean like ordering the number 1 or 2 from a menu. You confused me for a minute as I thought you were reading my mind about the first time a telepathic event happened for me at a salad bar. Whew! Somethings are just private.

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    >Whether it is remote viewing or telepathy, if I could figure out how to read a series of numbers, I would already be a jackpot winner! <

    Try associative remote viewing.You might get lucky and wind the big one.

    There are websites you can check out.


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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Drivers License Numbers/$100 Bill Serial Numbers

    I'll challenge you here. You say no one can telepathically obtain the drivers license number you hold in your wallet.

    When the Green Beret RVers tested Dr. Richard Ireland he had his eyes sealed shut, putty, tape, etc. and was able to look on Blackboard and read the serial number of a $100 bill you held up- backwards.

    You lost the $100.

    Explain the difference, please.


  10. Default ALoha Dick...

    Aloha Dick,

    You ask a question that is very difficult to answer. In the time that I knew Dr. Ireland I found him to be a most amazing fellow. He was certainly not average by any scale. I asked him more times than I can remember to tell me how something that he did was accomplished. Those conversations became the model that I followed in how I think today. I understand beyond my ability, but my ability continues to grow. Just like you Dick, I think thoughts I could not think 20 years ago. Knowledge is not wisdom. I know now that everything I say and do makes a difference in the greater reality. I agree with Daz that connectivity is the master puzzle. By definition Telepathy is mind-to-mind and if you cannot pass my Telepathy test you wonít be in any danger of Telepathic Overlay if I am in the room while you work my target.

    Some many years back I passed on some information that I got directly from Dick Ireland. That information was that the viewer is solely responsible for the content of their work; it is your mind and your ability that provides clarity. If you have ever been amazed at something I have done surely you must wonder how I accomplished it. Dick, years ago I pulled a piece of paper out of my pocket and handed it to you in the parking lot at the classroom. That paper set you on the trail for greater knowledge and within weeks while a room full of viewers worked a target in another room you captured image after image from the work they produced. At that time you joined the ranks of the amazing by the normal standards of knowledge. Was it Telepathy? No it was not. Just like I listened to Dick Ireland, you listened to me. This is how the secrets get passed on.

    Viewers must never attribute something in their work to Telepathic Overlay, or the sun was in your eyes, or the room was too noisy. Unless you accept responsibility for the content of your mindís work you will progress only slowly. To leap forward look at your work and let your own internal dialog sort the good and bad. Never lament the bad and the less attention you give it the better. Recognize the value of the data and just move on, let it go, and in doing so your mind will correct itself. If you divest yourself of responsibility you are hurting your own progression. Remote Viewer development requires a journey, not a class.

    Daz is very correct in his comments on the inter-connected nature of our Universe. These are the synapses we leap to and from in Remote Viewing. People with Telepathic skills are forces of nature compared to the rest of humanity; they are few and far between and thankfully live their lives unskilled for the most part. Telepathic Overlay reeks of concepts of mind control or the loss of mind control. Dirty tasking is the main culprit for results where Telepathic Overlay is suspected. It wasnít Telepathic OverlayÖthe viewer collected what was actually tasked with all the contamination of the Targeteering process.

    You ask about Irelandís ability to suss out the number letter combinations on money bills. It was not telepathy because many times the owner of the bill never knew the bill numbers and usually only learned them as they followed along as Dick read them off from across the room. How did he do it? Well I certainly know how but there are a few transitions I still have to make before it becomes a skill I can demonstrate. I am still working on Heads-or-Tails or Red-or-Black; but the path leads to alphanumeric divination. Irelandís biggest tool was Blackboard, and I cannot emphasis enough for our viewers to literally learn to live on Blackboard. You have seen me work sessions and the volume of data is fairly large. If I didnít keep moving in protocol the session would be a lot larger bordering on wearisome.

    Too many things are mislabeled as Telepathy. It actually has a very precise definition and I know that I do not use Telepathy. I just ride the waves 


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