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Thread: "I just ride the waves"

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    Tony Guest

    Default "I just ride the waves"

    Hi Glenn,

    Could you elaborate some on your statement with regard to remote viewing: "I just ride the waves". David Morehouse uses a similar phrase.

    I agree with you. Remote Viewing operates at a far more profound level than telepathy. We can remote view because we are connected with a universal consciousness. Consciousness is the structure from which physical reality arises. We can function as an individual and collectively as a single holographic consciousness and can therefore have access to all information contained in this matrix.

    With regard to telepathy, I wonder how it would be used to explain the following sessions:

    A viewer while working the United flight 93 target a few months after 9/11 annotates the session with the remark: "intended target--- Capitol building" and sketches it. At the time and for two years after it was the position of the authorities that the target was the White House. In 2003 Der Spiegel broke the news that one of the attack planners stated that the target was the Capitol.

    Joe McMoneagle remote viewed the construction of the Soviet Typhoon class submarine in a top secret enclosed manufacturing facility. He was able to describe the tubes and how they were mounted.

    A viewer tasked with a location in Bagdhad placed it in the vicinity of a mosque with an adjacent cemetery which contained buried missiles. Research after the session uncovered the following CIA message dated November1,1991:

    "An unspecified number of Scud missiles have been buried in a graveyard behind a mosque in central Bagdhad. The missiles are buried in the Abd Al Salaam Muhammad Cemetary(sic) which is located directly behind the Um Al-Tabul Mosque."


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    daz smith Guest


    I don't think anyone is saying the 'whole' RV process is telepathy - but that it plays a part in the RV process.

    After all from a 'classical' psychic training Rv appears to use a combination of;
    - clairvoyance
    - clairaudiance
    - telepathy
    - mediumship or channelling
    - dowsing
    - scrying
    and maybe others to a greater or lesser extent.

    all the best...


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    Tony Guest


    Hi Daz,

    Thanks for your response.

    It seems to me that the abilities you mention don't fully describe what is going on. I think they are a subset of a greater phenomenon and thus can be viewed as fleeting superficial forays into the sea of consciousness whereas remote viewing engages the field and allows us to navigate it. I believe that the concept of entanglement might hold the key to a greater understanding of how remote viewing operates.

    Your contributions to the field and your fine publication are greatly appreciated.

    Best regards,


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    Aloha Tony,

    Over the years I have written a lot about propagation and remote viewing. In articles such as Piggybacking the Mobius, and Elegant Propagation; I’ve implied that the human is a sort of poor man’s spectrum analyzer. We seem to have both physical and mental capacity to evaluate our environment. When we look at the human we find a disparity in the balance of information received and the information transmitted. We are far better receivers than we are transmitters. In the development of language and speech we rely on our ability to receive in order to learn how to transmit visual or audio signals.

    If we look at just our mental processes we find most of our mental effort is directed towards processing our physical being and our environment. This is the major effort of our mind and a primary reason that telepathy would be a weak mental capability. We are designed to receive first and transmit second. If we look at receive first and consider the mental radio aspects of mind we find the baseband floor that we function from is at the subconscious level. It is here we learn to tune in and interpret the gestalts of environment. This is consciousness listening to the physical world. In Remote viewing it is consciousness listening to consciousness. The viewer attempts to tune away from the physical environment and listen within, to a bandwidth much more subtle. It takes practice to learn to listen beyond the self but it is in the nature of consciousness to tune more easily to consciousness than the physical world.

    Once you learn to move within, away from the physical world, and escape through the doorways of your own conscious awareness to the greater overlapping fields, this is where you become the time traveler, the watcher, the wave rider.

    When I say fields, it is exactly what it is. Life exists only by the grace of the wave and in this Universe consciousness is the most elegant form of field activity. Too many do not believe that consciousness or remote viewing is the result of the propagated wave, but they are wrong. Without the wave you do not see, hear, taste, smell, touch, or think.

    Your eyes cannot see without consciousness compiling massive amounts of moving information. Consciousness knows how to let you see the physical world. Consciousness has its own sight, its own hearing, and all those sensory graces it provides you to interface to the physical world. It really is that which you are at the most basic level of life. But you are a fragment of a greater puzzle and in the time it takes your physical body to walk to the kitchen, your mind could travel to the far reaches of the Milky Way, or even Across the Universe. But first you must learn to ride the waves.


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    Aloha Daz,

    I am fond of saying your ability to remote view is not limited by “who” you are; but by “what” you are. I think we all know that none of us are really created equally. There are some among us who have superior wiring, Einstein comes to mind along with others of the race of man that have shared the rare air near the ceiling of humanity. We see the wiring potentials when we look at certain savants who overachieve in one area at the cost of a stable intellect across a spectrum of what we perceive to be competent mentality.

    Daz I have to tell you that Telepathy is a real bear. It is in my opinion a real masterwork of mind. We are just so dense that it would take a force of nature or a savant like ability. I certainly believe it is possible but no one to date has passed my simple telepathy test. Line them all up and I can pretty much guarantee each will fail. There are those that can pass the test but telepathy will not be the modality employed to derive the answer. One thing to consider is that the human has more wiring than a super computer and one very important thing to remember is that the life force, as well as the mental activity is in-fact broadcasting 24/7. This really becomes a greater issue than mind-to-mind.

    Now there is a theory of a sort of half-duplex telepathy where a person can get information from someone by focusing their attention on the person. The information they receive is always in pieces or askew just a bit. These are bits of coherent data that rises above the noise floor. It is more in the family of what the viewer does than what the telepath would do. The telepath would need to handshake the other mind and at the subconscious level dig/search for specific data. It would be incredible to accomplish and even more incredible to establish and maintain a full duplex exchange of coherent data between two linked minds.

    Most information we receive from another on a mental level is less likely telepathy and more likely a passive scanning for coherent data above the noise floor of the bio-broadcast of the person.


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    My issues regarding telepathy are more along the lines of why it does not exist more predominately. Sort of on the same premise that if everyone is psychic...then where are all the psychic's?

    I have often wondered if it existed more predominately before we developed brains that could manage higher consciousness fundamentals. When man was just another predator out there with 3 or 4 members of a tribe, telepathy may have been a limited survival skill.

    But, as we came together in cities we would eliminate the need to constantly hunt for food and shelter. Language would evolve and become a much more efficient form of communication.

    The most overriding issue of mind to mind communication as opposed to non-verbal communication is much the same as a radio or a television set.

    What would happen if you turned on your radio or TV and all the channels came in at once? The information would be useless. It would be left to our brains to separate the news from entertainment and so forth.

    So, in a truly telepathic format, how would our brains separate the information that is 'just Glenn's Driver's License number'. Maybe, over time, if I stand close enough to him...I will only receive his transmission. However, if two or three people are standing with him also reading their Driver's License would a person be able to differentiate?

    Doesn't seem credible on a day to day basis. That doesn't mean it can't be done, it just means our society will not allow for it. If we were just cavemen wandering around a limited terrain..maybe...but most certainly not in our modern world.

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    And remote influencing;or does HRVG dismiss that?
    Again, as for the "license number test," I don't consider that telepathy. The individual would be reading the card as target, not your mind, in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michele View Post
    I have often wondered if it existed more predominately before we developed brains that could manage higher consciousness fundamentals. When man was just another predator out there with 3 or 4 members of a tribe, telepathy may have been a limited survival skill.
    I'm convinced that my cats have far greater telepathic abilities than I. Could it be that, during human evolution, we sacrificed our telepathic abilities in order to facilitate the development of language?
    Don't mess with old futs...age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill! B. S. and brilliance only come with age and experience!

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