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    I am reading Positve Energy by Judith Orloff. For myself, I cannot express how important it is to surround myself with people who have peaceful and positive energy. My new workplace is to spread out away from the energy vampires. After 20 years of being trapped within the most negative community you could imagine, it is like drawing breath for the first time.

    Being a single mom, certain realities had to be dealt with and I stayed in a thankless job simply because I'm a big fan of paying the bills. But, now I am at a place in my life that I do not have to suffer the negativity of a bad workplace.

    It was a good life lesson though. I really learned the mechanics of negativity and hate. While many don't see that as a good thing, in the end it was a good thing. Seeing it in the microcosm of my workplace helps me to understand the hate in the world. How small petty arguments become foundations for hate to start and be used as a tool against people who will not embrace it.

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    It would be nice if the world were a better place, at best we make our own world and try to keep it stable. It doesn't just happen for most of us, you have to make it happen. I am glad things are improving for you


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    I envy your island paradise. I am rebuilding tried and true stress relievers and energy boosters. Stretching exercises and relaxing in water. The apt complex I'm in is very established and the pool is surrounded by older trees and is well kept. It also has a little waterfall that gives off the wonderful sound of splashing water. I have so much pain when I do not exercise it is an incredible difference.

    Aroma therapy is good and meditation will follow after getting a good routine for stretching and relaxing.

    Reading and pretentious decandent foods work too I'm planning Memorial Day to be poolside with a little wine and lots of grilling!

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    Negative energy coming from people is probably the single most draining thing in life, especially when emanating from the work place.

    To me this became apparent in 2006, when I participated in a 5 day training. This was one of those large group awareness trainings. I'm not a big fan of those kinds of events, but this one made me aware that when with a group of approx. 100 or so people, all of whom want to achieve positive results, such intense (positive) energies emit from one another, with merely 4 hours of sleep per night during that course, it is (still) possible to feel on top of the world. I ended the training with a feeling that if this could be achieved in the work place, what a difference that would make for people. Working together, instead of against one another.

    In the workplace, people often rather take advantage of another person to gain personal 'growth' (notice the quotes), than work together and share in the growth, but true growth. Nowadays, people don't mind to step on another person if that puts them in a better position, disregarding the other. Until we learn that by working together we can amplify our energies and make them positive, we will be selfish beings, alone, and trapped in a world of greed, instead of openness and love.

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