I had this debate with Glenn already.

First we have Joni's testimony that Glenn trained in TRV.
secondly we have things like these comments:

Subject: Maj. Ed Dames
Poster: Glenn
Date: 1998-05-20 23:17 HST

I am a student of TRV, SRV, RV and if we can get a trainer out to the
islands I would also be a student of CRV. It is very important to learn as much of this technology as possible and evaluate all methodologies. That is why the guild is formed.”

Subject: Re: re: ed dames and TRV
Poster: Glenn
Date: 1998-06-25 10:36 HST

"Aloha Steve, That's a very loaded question you've asked.
Currently Remote Viewers from Hawaii are Persona Non Grata at Psi-Tech. I
personally am deleted from their website BBS on a daily basis, even though I am a Psi-Tech Video subscriber and student of TRV. The Viewers from Hawaii who have purchased the video tape module one have been asked not to use the Psi-Tech Chatsite until we purchase module 2. I am sure this is a special rule for us."

Subject: Seeing Is Believing
Poster: Dick
Date: 1998-04-26 14:28 HST
“When we first read about it in books, and heard interviews with Ingo Swann,
Joe McMoneagle, Mel Riley and others they talked about seeing the target. Being there, looking around in a 3-D virtual reality. That's what we wanted to do. Then as we learned SRV, and practiced with our TRV tapes, we learned there was really no visual imagery involved.”

IF Glenn is not TRV trained then why in these posts from the first HRVG BB's say he is a TRV student? Which is also what Joni claims.

The true history of RV will never be known, certainly not by you. Your attempts to diagram what is mostly the development of one branch (CRV and its offshoots) is haphazard, incomplete and misleading.
Most of the true history or RV is known I am afraid.
what is incomplete?
what is misleading?

I disagree And I had help from Paul Smith, Lyn Buchanan PJ and others in creating this RV map. CRV was the main focus for many years until '95. It cant be helped this way in the map. Then the next biggest focus is Ed Dames and TRV because this DID create most of the modern rv we have today.

You claim I will never know the history or rv ( and certainly not me) why?

I have your early bbs, the VWR elist, the stargate elist, the PSI elist, public rv articles, the cia stargate files, IRVA elist and much more all in a very large database where i can search for individual words and threads. Its not everything but it is a hefty chunk of rv history at my fingertips.

All the best...