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    You are intentionally trying to re-write RV history. You can pull quotes all day long from our archives from 1998 about what we were doing and how the Guild was training but you don’t even look at the HRVG methodology based session work published during the time when you cherry pick your quotes out of context.

    Let me give you some quotes from 1998.

    I published this on a Thursday, June 8th 1998 under the title of;

    What Happens When!!!

    The recent threads of banter have got me to thinking.
    Remote Viewing has been out in the public forum for some time now. What will happen to those intelligent people who learn to RV via any number of schools of thought and decide to develop their own approach to RV?

    Better yet what will happen to them when they try to teach?
    RV theory is just that "Theory". It is a Cause and Effect type thing. No one can say why it works, or really how it works. There are many possible theories.

    The CRV protocol structure of applied RV is the foundation for SRV, CRV, TDS, TRV etc. The HRVG protocols do not look anything like these other applied skills. That is because they have a different origin.

    When I look how we have been received, some have been very good friends to us; others have made continuous attacks. Why is that?

    An example lies in the Patrick Uber postings and the Stan postings. They do not address the work done here, they never comment on the actual published sessions or the protocol structure. The only attack the fact that they do not know me.

    They do not address that which is the product of the instruction. Why is that? Let’s look at our published prediction experiment.

    Two other viewers and myself made a prediction that a significant event would happen in the skies over Pearl Harbor Hawaii on a given date. Dick Allgire a local Newsman was told of the prediction and he went about to record the prediction experiment. The basic who, what, when, where was put into an affidavit (notarized) and copies dispatched. One was sent to Art Bell for which a receipt was received. All this ahead of time. That means prior to the event.

    Now we also said the event would occur between Pearl Harbor and Ewa Beach. This is a very small amount of lateral land distance. You can drive it in about 10 minutes with no traffic. In addition we determined that it would present a problem for Air Traffic at the time.

    The event occurred the Friday before the Friday date that we had predicted. This is a difference of 1 week. But despite the error in the exact date in the skies above Hawaii on March 27th the event began with a Light show visible to the whole Island chain. The object turned night into day, came within two miles of a Local commercial aircraft and entered the ocean just off Iroquois Point which is located between Pearl Harbor and Ewa Beach as reported by the Military at Barbers Point.

    My analysis of the prediction experiment is that it is not too shabby. What is yours?

    I would like to see the response of those that attack my credibility on this prediction.

    I would like to see the response of those that attack my credibility on each and every session posted by the members of the Guild.

    What person trying to solve the RV riddle will be willing to publish their work, thoughts and innovations knowing the heat and flak they will attract when they say I can Remote View?

    The best minds have yet to embrace Remote Viewing. The breakthroughs in protocols and methods will be slow going if everyone is pounced that emerges.

    Joni Dourif has stated that I only know TRV up to module 1. I in fact have all the released TRV modules (1&2) and perhaps know them better than she herself.

    I am very knowledgeable of The CRV structure, the SRV structure, and the TDS structure. I learn all that is available to me. If Joe Mcmoneagle is on the radio, I listen, If Ed Dames is on the Radio I listen, if Lynn Buchannan writes, publishes, or is on the radio I listen. I visit the websites; One of my favorites is the Paul Smith site. I look at all the other RV sites on the web and although some seem less than reputable I work through them to keep up with what is going on in the RV community.

    What I see is that there is very little published. Only a few sites dare to put their work on the line. Currently no sites post analysis methods and we will change that as we get our analysts trained.

    We have been an open Guild since the day we turned the site on. Patrick and Stan can post here things that they do not have the right to post at Psi-Tech.

    It is important that we do not fold because we catch heat from others. The truth is here in all the work of the Guild members.

    It is important that other smart minds do not get this same treatment. Don't allow yourself or others to be bullied. Post your work and your analysis for peer review. Exchange information and learn that which you seek to learn.
    The Guild stands on our own work. Not on a statement. What we do we have shown you.

    Aloha Glenn

    On May 28th 1998 Dick put this post up about the Upcoming Prufest..


    Coming this August. Prudence will be teaching a three day seminar on the TDS system of Remote Viewing. For anyone who wants to get into remote viewing, this is a great introduction.

    We are lucky to have Glenn Wheaton teaching the military protocols he used as a member of Special Forces Army Security Agency RV teams. The problem is, the classes are filled, and Glenn only instructs two hours per week. It takes months to gain any degree of skill when you only get an hour or two of instruction per week.

    Pru is coming to give us an intense 3 day indoctrination, equal to 12 weeks of training at the HRVG.

    We're hosting Pru for several reasons. We want to foster good will and communication between different schools- and share info. Pru's group is doing some good work. They have a unit that is doing RV work for corporate and law enforcement agencies.

    If you are interested in a 3 day workshop on Remote Viewing, please contact me, or Yaana, or Prudence. (Her website is
    The seminar will either be a Fri/Sat/Sun or perhaps a Sat/Sun/Mon.
    Classes will be held at our classroom in beautiful downtown Kalihi. Exact dates and prices will be posted later. Right now we need to see how many folks are interested. There will be room for only about 14 people.
    Personal note: I learned from Prudence at the Farsight Institute. She is a good teacher and a wonderful person. She parted company with Dr. Courtney Brown and has been doing some fine work.

    The protocols are a bit different from what we use. But you know what? The protocols are a placebo to get your subconscious to give you information about a target. (Yaana posted a nice explanation of this on Pru's site recently... Yaana could you repeat that here please?)
    You'll amaze yourself in three days.

    Also From May in 1998 was a short post to Kay.

    Aloha Miss Kay, I haven't seen you about in quite some time. I think that if you hang out abit we will have some method devised to allow for technical exchanges on methods and protocols. We do not really want to get into teaching on the web as our purpose is to function a bit with R&D on all available information from all schools of thought. We can't do that very well if we keep secrets and shun exchanges. This Protocol structure was worked out in 82 or 83. The overall approach was clarified by Dick Ireland.
    Best regards and ALoha Glenn.

    A post from Valerie in September of 1998…

    Glenn there are those who would encourage you not to respond to such ridiculous antics like the ones with which Ms. Dourif has chosen to degrade herself. I encourage you to respond each and every time because there are many people who would mistakenly take silence as agreement or construe false statements as truth. And there are many vocal and not so vocal HRVG members who support you.

    Ms. Dourif is a very poor reflection on PSI Tech's credibility and professional reputation. Other PSI Tech officers are foolish not to reign her in, because she is an official representative of PSI TECH and is bad for business.

    Her accusations and statements are ridiculous and can be easily refuted. Ms. Dourif is careless and does not have the foresight to ensure that her statements are true. Glenn Wheaton's years of service and duty status are easily verified. His skills as a teacher are easily verified. His students making target contact, bilocating to targets, and producing the work that are publicized for the world to see, ARE PROOF of Glenn Wheaton's ability to teach Remote Viewing.

    The HRVG has been open and welcoming to other Remote Viewing (RV) schools of thought. Students have been encouraged to learn other RV methods to expand our field of knowledge. HRVG recently hosted a training seminar on the RV Transdimensional Systems (TDS) by Prudence Calabrese and it was a successful collaboration.

    It's too bad, that PSI Tech has chosen to slap our face instead of shaking hands as professionals in the inevitable expansion of this wonderful system of communication, Remote Viewing.

    Ms. Dourif you have chosen a formidable, intelligent, and skilled opponent.

    And this Post from Dick, also in September 1998…

    Hi Rich,

    Some of the HRVG students drew ideograms after one night of training that exactly represented the visual aspects of the target.

    Indeed it will be interesting to compare TDS methods next to HRVG methods side by side. Now that some of our students have gotten Pru's basic training we will definitely test both of them together.

    For the record both Glenn and Pru agree that almost anyone can amaze themselves after just a bit of training, but to become an operational or professional viewer.... it takes over a year, maybe a year and a half or two.
    This is my own opinion having trained with both Pru and Glenn (and TRV tapes): You can get some deeper kinesthetic contact with the target earlier using Pru's TDS method. But Glenn's method (as used by Army Special Forces Intelligence) gives you far more experiential data. It takes longer (more training) to get there but I feel it is more valuable. I got more out of one 5 second bilocation event using HRVG protocols than I could have obtained from a month of probing using the alpha state methods.

    But this is not a competition. When Pru came to town Glenn graciously opened his house to Pru, then he stepped aside and allowed her to be "top gun" in town. He encouraged his students to take her class.
    By working together we can only advance remote viewing.

    Also in September of 1998 I posted this…

    Aloha John,

    Remote Viewing is an innate communication skill in all of us. Your making up of protocols is pretty much what the first viewer to try and repeat a moment of insight probably did.

    As a Communication skill, RV is merely a specific type of inner communication using the field of our existence to the field we all exist in and originate from.
    At HRVG we try to learn how the people who are exploring communications with remote viewing are doing it.

    Although we have our own House Rules for people entering the Guild, once trained to the point where the fundamental understanding of Remote Viewing is demonstrated with some degree of clarity, we encourage learning the methodologies of other disciplines.

    I am not the least bit surprised that you have been able to get some data (good data) using rudimentary self skills. It speaks more to your potential, and should give you reason to explore further.

    Aloha Glenn

    In October 1998 Dick gives some advice to new students…

    I would like to welcome all of the on-line students and wish you all the best with your training.

    Since there are probably a few others who have used CRV derived methods (CRV-> TRV-> SRV) I would like to say a few words about making the switch.

    I used SRV and TRV protocols prior to my training here and did get some good remote viewing data. When you can work a session all the way thru for 45 minutes using a CRV based system, and get some good data, it can be …. What's the word? Frustrating, or a little boring to work a target using only the first couple of stages of HRVG protocols.

    In September of 1997 I was getting some pretty good target contact using SRV protocols. Then I started training with Glenn. Just doing a Visual Ideogram and Spontaneous Ideograms didn't give me the level of target contact I was used to. I thought, "Hey, I already know how to do this. Sounds, smells/tastes/ textures/ colors? Been there, done that."

    Because of this I didn't give the HRVG protocols my full attention, or the respect they deserve. Mistake. I bumbled my way through, all the way up to CASCADE, using a combination of blind luck, skills I'd developed
    in SRV, some psychic ability I suppose, and some adherence to the protocols.

    Three months into training I realized that Glenn's method was THE REAL THING. I started actually getting glimpses of the target in Cascade. I went back and relearned the protocols from the beginning, correcting mistakes I had picked up along the way due to my inattention. I began writing out each step of the protocols (I guess this is done for you on-line) and working until I could execute them exactly. That's when I started getting much better data.

    I am now to the point where I actually experience the target for brief moments in S-5.

    What I'm trying to say is this: Give the HRVG protocols their due. If you are an experienced CRVer, SRVer, or TRVer, you can still work targets using those protocols, at another time. Glenn encourages us to be familiar with all forms of remote viewing. But when you are training with his protocols, give them your all. It may not be that much fun (at first) to just probe
    spontaneous ideograms, but that is the foundation of any good session.
    You have to learn to do it right. I finally did, and now I could never go back… the thought of remote "viewing" a target without looking at it and seeing it seems ridiculous to me now.

    Also, you'll soon learn that this is a lot of work. We don't just give you the magic words, or tell you a way to alter your consciousness and then you can bilocate to target. You have to earn it, by taking many many
    smaller steps.

    I've done an average of 4-5 sessions per week for the last 14 months. I'm not even all the way thru the protocols yet! Glenn did 2 sessions a day for a year when he was trained in the military.

    Yes, I found relearning the correct probing method a bit tedious. Spending weeks learning how to fill out a collection matrix of Sights, Sounds, Smells/Tastes,

    Temps, and Textures was not that exciting. But the other night I was given a target ID. I worked thru VISID and SPONID… through Playfair and S3 and
    Cascade. My monitor was blind (neither of us knew the target). I did the grunt work, the probing for SIMPLEX/COMPLEX? MANMADE or NATURAL? STATIC or DYNAMIC? I methodically probed the ideograms for Sounds, and smells and tastes, textures. I did my S3 site sketch. When I got to S-5 I did a drill known as Priming, that lowered my conscious awareness. My monitor
    softly recited the target ID to me…. And I was in the middle of a gunbattle! On the tape I was describing the gunshots: "They're shooting! POP! POP-POP-POP!

    There are men… assaulting a building! Oh God! Ohh! He just got hit in the stomach!" I was right there.

    The target was a hostage rescue event in which there was a pretty hellacious firefight and members of the assaulting force were wounded.
    This is the best deal around: learning to Remote VIEW for almost nothing. Glenn accepts NOTHING but thanks for his instruction.

    (I've paid a few bucks a month for room rental.)

    Anyway, I've been rambling a bit here. Good luck. Give the protocols their due, work hard, and keep your wits about you.

    PS I'm happy to converse with anyone on a confidential basis. Just email me.

    In August of 1998 Angelina posted this…

    Aloha Everyone,
    Prudence Calabrese of Trans Dimensional Systems will be on our radio program, LOVE LIFE on Wednesday, August 12 at 10:10 PM (Hawaii time.) That is on KWAI, 1080 on the AM dial. The call-in number is 524-1080 (outside Hawaii dial 808-524-1080.

    I hope you will have a chance to listen and/or call in. After having some in depth conversations with Prudence, I am certain that she is going to be one of the movers and shakers in the world of RV. She has some profound insights into the process that I think you would enjoy.

    Naturally, we have GREAT PRIDE in the Hawaii Remote Viewers Guild, and in our Invincible Mr. Wheaton, but Glenn has always encouraged us to pay close attention to the work of other schools and systems. Prudence (who views an average of ten targets a week) is producing some significant results. She has a unit of eighteen viewers. Three of which are producing PROFESSIONAL level results with 100% consistent target accuracy -- that is extraordinary clarity with EVERY target. They are ready to accept paid corporate assignments. Another six are producing significant clarity most of the time, and so on. Their work is not yet published on the web, but she will be bringing samples when she comes to Hawaii for her class.

    It seems to me that when we hear of such replicatable success, we must pay close attention! I hope to hear from you on Wednesday, August 12!
    Reminder: Glenn will be doing an introduction to RV to promote Prudence's class on Thursday August 13, at 7 PM at our classroom. Have you remembered to invite your friends who need to be there?

    Happy Viewing



    This could go on a very long time…
    If you took the time to read through just this sample you would see that Hrvg had its own methodology. Don’t try and use our willingness to be open to other processes to give credit to CRV for our origin.


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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Compare It To Guitar Methods

    I am a fairly accomplished blues musician. I played professionally in the late 1970's and early 1980's.

    There are different styles of guitar methods. I learned blues progressions and theories from a teacher in about 1970.

    When I moved to Hawaii in 1985 I became familiar with Slack Key guitar, a different method of playing guitar that involves open string tunings and is not based on the blues. I decided to learn a little bit about it. In 1990 I would have said, "I am student of slack key."

    So all blues is influenced by slack key!!!

    Do you see the logical leap? Because Dick studied slack key in 1990, it means the blues are based on slack key. Because some HRVG members looked at other methods- it means all HRVG protocol is influenced by other methods. Not true.

    I never got very good at slack key, but I learned enough about it to appreciate it and understand it a bit more. I learned a bit about CRV, SRV, and TRV so I could honestly evaluate the different methodologies.

    Learning about slack key does not mean the blues is an offshoot of slack key music. Learning about TRV does not mean HRVG is an offshoot of TRV.

    Daz is making an illogical jump, and he is doing so with pretty much complete ignorance of the HRVG method.


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    daz smith Guest


    Learning about TRV does not mean HRVG is an offshoot of TRV.
    The RV map i created shows everyone and their sources of RV training. It does not specifically say this is an offshoot of TRV it shows the sources of training and until there is tangible proof of military rv training - it stands.

    I do have personal opinions of the HRVG's methodology and its origins but this isn't presented within the context of the map. The map leave the open question on glenns training because there is no closing tangible data.

    If you don't like it - then you are free to create a map based on your own knowledge - its a free world and everyone has an opinion.

    This conversation is still going nowhere.

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    daz smith Guest


    You are intentionally trying to re-write RV history.
    Where am I doing this?
    The RV History map presents as accurate information as possible except one small fact out of hundreds of facts within this map - this is NOT a rewrite of history - its the fact your military rv training has not been confirmed with proof by you - one small fact - not a rewrite.

    The other comments between you, I and others were on a closed RV forum
    and now on this forum - that is NOT an attempt at rewriting history?

    I originally wro something different - but edited it to this because its just not worth the argument.

    I'm more than prepared to have a proper debate/conversation with anyone. But wont be called a bully, have my age brought in question???, or be called a piss poor researcher and student by anyone. This isnt the proper way to discuss things like adults and i wont be drawn into a common fist fight and brawl in words.

    You have my emails if you have the proof needed or just want to discuss - then you know where I am.

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