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    Nygel Guest

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    First of all I would like to thank Dick and Dave for helping to get me logged onto this site and forum.
    Hi, my name is Nigel and I reside with my wife and three boys in England UK, my first recollection of Remote Viewing was reading a article on the back of a magazine many years ago regarding a statement by Jimmy Carter about how a remote viewer had discovered a downed plane somewhere in Zaire. Straight away I was intrigued. A little while after that I came across "Physic Warrior" by David Moorhouse" in a local bookstore and since then have purchased quite a few books on the subject.
    I even purchased a set of DVDS by Ed Dames from Ebay (dont hold it against me) and worked my way through them the best I could.
    THEN, I watched Dicks presentation at the IRVA on this site and was completely blown away, some of what Dick said I understood but alot of it was totally new to me. It certainly was an hour well spent.
    So Dick, thanks to you I am now a new member on HRVG and look forward to many a inferesting hour reading through this board.
    Thank you again.

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    Welcome Nigel, I'm also an HRVG newbie.

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    Aloha Nigel,

    Glad to see you made it in to the forum. Feel free to ask any questions and is Dick going to mentor you or is is Sita or someone else? It is always great to get a new voice so be sure to keep your wits about you and I look forward to your input here in the forum.


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    Nygel Guest


    Coen and Glenn
    Thanks for the welcome, I am looking forward to been a active member here on the board.

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    Dick Allgire Guest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nygel View Post
    Coen and Glenn
    Thanks for the welcome, I am looking forward to been a active member here on the board.
    If you need a training video, or some targets to work, or a little advice- feel free to contact me. We're always ready to help anyone who puts out a sincere effort to learn.


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    Nygel Guest


    Thanks Dick, I've sent you a PM.

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