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Thread: Monday Class July 12

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Monday Class July 12

    Could we go over the analysis done by Anne over the weekend?
    An analysis review and finalize the work.

    Also a suggestion. From now on, when HRVG members do sessions for Courtney Brown projects, put the work through analysis and publish the working notes/scenarios as an official "HRVG submission." We know from experience the analysis version should be on the mark.


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    Default July 12 Class

    Anne will be bringing her notes and scenario. I will bring the original sessions. With only three sessions to analyze, not as much pertinent data came through. If you have more sessions from this target please bring them to class, it might be worthwhile to do the analysis as a group.
    As far as Courtney's Project--we would just be analyzing HRVG sessions, correct?

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Analysis


    I have some more work on that target. We did the three sessions to keep it simple for analyst in training. It gets cumbersome when there are more sessions.

    As for Courtney's project the analysis would involve HRVG sessions only, not other methods. In the past we have attempted to run non HRVG methodology through analysis but it doesn't work very well.


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    Would it be possible to record this class, or any other one for that matter? I would love to see one from beginning to end, see what it's like.

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    I'm with Coen. I've heard so many good things about the class but I've never attended or heard one. If there's any way to participate, I'd love to -- and of course I'm sure either Coen or I would be happy to help.

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default You Read My Mind

    I charged my video camera last night.
    On my list of things to do today:

    1. Record HRVG analysis class


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    Thanks for taking along the camera, Dick, and thank you all for letting us sit in!!

    It's really helpful to see sessions in the context of analysis. Knowing that the ideograms are going to be described, the probes and cells all transcribed, and -- considered -- will help me apply more importance to the early pages.

    As a matter of fact, it's really nice to see everyone in human form! Working by yourself with occasional email interaction, it's easy to put things into a peculiar mental place... you're normally text -- and there's just the sound of a computer fan, here. I'll know to sip a glass of wine when I click to the discussion group now.

    My two cents worth for the discussion about whether we should see the high quality sessions before we can do them ourselves... Well, they work for me. My attitude is that the great sessions represent what's possible if you really work at it. A lot of us read Joe M's books first with all of his great, high-bandwidth drawings ... if we're still pursuing RV at all, it means that we were able to overlook all of the places where he described his natural talent, the great athlete metaphors, the "some people will only ever be" comments etc. and looked at the great work as something that is at least possible. We all know that watching Glenn work isn't depressing, it's inspirational.

    I've had the good fortune of spending most of my career working with people who are by most standards, "geniuses". Doing this, you learn pretty quickly that your ego just has to go. The cool part is that when you've figured the ego thing out get to learn from geniuses!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Barnes View Post
    Doing this, you learn pretty quickly that your ego just has to go. The cool part is that when you've figured the ego thing out get to learn from geniuses!
    Well said!

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    Nygel Guest


    I agree with Dave regarding us newbies seeing top notch sessions, it is nothing but inspirational. I have spent hours this last week or so looking through the sessions posted on this website, in particular seeing how the ideograms relate to the actual target. The Jill Dando death event session sent shivers down my spine.
    Thanks Dick and all for allowing us to watch the class.

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    Nigel, can you post the link to the Jill Dando session? I can't find it.

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