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Thread: Dick told me RV is destabilizing

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    Default Dick told me RV is destabilizing

    What does that mean? How so?

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    This is a good question. I'm destabilized myself after a long day working for corporate media. Hoping Glenn will address this.

    If not, give me a day or two.

    Short answer: You grow up thinking you understand reality. Then you are confronted with something via personal experience that causes you to question your understanding of "reality." It messes with you.

    Also, when you view a serial killer you BECOME the serial killer while you have good target contact.

    I recall the time I viewed the plane crash that killed Ron Brown. Thought I was done with the target, laid down with my wife and started sobbing.

    More later...

    Glenn will post a much more erudite answer.


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    Default Detachment

    Cultivating the skill of detachment - meaning the ability to report without an emotional response that carries over post-session into your personal life becomes essential as you start working operational targets.

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    There is a great deal to be said about destabilization in Remote Viewing. Let me preface this by saying that I am not a psychologist. Whether or not the viewer will suffer from the effects of destabilization (great or small) will depend on the very nature of the viewer and what they believe in their own true life. It will also fall to their failings and fears. If you fear the darkness, or small spaces, or the deep of the ocean blue, you may present your subconscious with a dilemma of crisis depending on the target you are tasked to visit. Crisis heightens anxiety and nothing will clip you from your target faster than the unease of an environment you cannot find a zone of comfort within.

    In remote viewing you are the watcher, and what you perceive will either sit well with you, or not. If the target is a murder and it traumatizes you to be exposed to visuals, sensory information, or related “idea” data you may find yourself hesitant to see, hesitant to record, hesitant to report. It may affect your post session mode and it may well linger for sometime after finishing your work. From time to time we see a viewer that comes through the Guild that prefers the standard “Fluffy Bunny” target in lieu of an aggressive target that may get a bit messy before it’s done. Then there are targets where the sheer scope of the target may be more than the viewer can comprehend. It may create a shunting of the consciousness aperture and limit the data flow to a painful trickle. Experience becomes the teacher and the viewer seeks solace in defining target data in a reductionist way until they acquire the confidence to put the pieces together.

    Of course the viewer doesn’t realize any of this in their waking world; they observe a certain behavior in the group and will subconsciously hide the effects of target residue until they are away and alone. They feel weary or anxious but don’t really reconcile why. It is always a good thing to cool down after a target and adopt a no care attitude about the work they have submitted. Learn not to take the target home or even care about it is the best solution. Getting your mind right includes keeping your mind right. Learn everything, watch everything, experience everything; and then walk away and not care. I would practice in the early days by only taking a single bite from some food or treat I liked and then walk away from the rest, leave it behind.

    The best viewer keeps his wits about him, tries to tell the target story; and closes the door behind him.

    There is more to say but I will let others jump in here. Ego, peer pressure, sensitivities and beliefs all play their part.


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    Thanks Glenn. This explanation would fit well in a Remote Viewing manual. Beautifully said!

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