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Thread: Monday Class Aug 30

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Monday Class Aug 30

    Coen emailed a few questions he would like to ask, if he were in class with us.

    I told him I would bring my video camera and stick it in your face and get them on tape for him. The students and guild members around the world really appreciate video clips that let them feel like they are in class.

    I'll show you the questions first. Coen is interested in augmentation to enhance S-5, so be prepared for that.

    There is also one along the lines of "How much is this getting diluted, going from Army Special forces, to you teaching civilians, to civilians (like me) teaching other newer civilians. Are we keeping the method pure?

    He asked this about HRVG, but this subject could be expanded to other methods. Good question: what have any civilians done with RV that lives up to the hype?

    So Glenn, get ready for the camera. Get an aloha shirt ironed. I may still have some makeup from the Men Who Stare At Goats segment we did for the Hollywood production. We'll pat your face with powder, slick down your hair, get your shirt buttoned straight, get the spinach out of your teeth and make you presentable. Maybe a glass of wine before we start.

    These clips don't get wide viewing right now, but someday down the road they could be an important history. As we do things in the guild I've become the unofficial "historian"... I keep video clips, photos, sessions.

    I can picture historians decades in the future: " And the Hawaii psychics held odd competitions at their gatherings, one of which involved spitting cherry pits for distance. It's not clear if this had some hidden meaning, or was a training involving psychic potential. Perhaps the cherry pit was a metaphor for the projection of consciousness...."


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    Thanks again for shooting those two new videos, Dick! And thanks to Glenn for putting up with it.

    You're right that 'us students' from abroad really appreciate these videos.

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