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Thread: Glenn Wheaton Lookalikes

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    Default Glenn Wheaton Lookalikes

    I used to have a Martial Arts instructor (Kempo) and Glenn always reminds me of him, but doesn't really look like him. Here's a few pictures:

    But today I came across someone (he's a reporter for a Dutch newspaper) that did an article on one of my clients and he looks (as we say in Holland) "like two drops of water" to Glenn (albeit that the man in this photo is or looks older). Wouldn't you agree: ?

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Sorta, Kinda

    Hi Coen,

    The first photo doesn't look that much like Glenn, but the second and third ones actually do resemble him.

    Interesting photos.


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    I came in here to delete that post actually. I feel kind of stupid after the fact. In any case, I didn't mean any disrespect

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default No disrespect


    I'm sure Glenn did not take offense. The guy does resemble him.
    We poke fun at ourselves all the time in class.

    Actually if you heard the history of comments to Glenn made by Yanna, Valtra and now Debra, it would curl your hair, lol. They bring sharpened knives to class sometimes.

    Glenn can take it.


  5. Default Hmmmm....

    I can see it....better get back on my diet lol.


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