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    About 45 minutes ago I laid down on my bed to take a half hour nap. I slept only 5 hours last night. After dozing off, I ended up in a lucid dreamlike state. I was bicycling along a university road here in Rotterdam where I live, where across the street a restaurant was on fire. I've been to this restaurant once with Daniella and it left a good impression on me, with a nice atmosphere and good food. I've thought a few times about this place, on and off. So now I have this dream about it. What's significant here is that this is the very first time (ever) that I have had a sense of smell, I could smell the smoke of a burning building. It was very intense! I snapped out of the dream shortly thereafter and woke up with the smell still in my nose, I actually thought the house was on fire but quickly recalled my dream and then the smell went away.

    I wonder if this is a premonition. But even if it's not, I think my practice with remote viewing is activating certain parts of my brain that induces these experiences.

    This week, I believe it was on Tuesday, I worked a validation target for which I still have to do an S4. I did get feedback up to S3. There was an ideogram I drew where I saw light breaking through some density, which I drew as the sun breaking through some clouds. This is what I saw on Blackboard. But then, just as I was about to go to the next part of the session, I could not shake the idea of there being a person looking at this scene, but I did not see this on Blackboard. I don't know if it was a thought, I don't think so. But then what was it? If not a sight, nor a thought, what made me put that down?

    Now that I'm writing this, I actually remember some other targets I worked with humans in them. I don't perceive them as images. It's more like a presence being there. I wonder if I'm making it up and it just being mere coincidence. That horrible demon is always making me doubt my data. I drew the face from Tuesday's session, but I initially thought "Nah, this is probably my imagination.". The one thing I recall from this session and the other time where I perceived a human, was that I went into a bit of a trance, very briefly. Is this bi-location?

    I'm fascinated with these things and the more I do it the more they happen and subsequently the more fascinated I become.

    I've recently met someone online that is a natural psychic (a psy chick) . She actually asked me if I knew about remote viewing, what it was. When I explained the methodology she said she does it naturally. She told me some stories. She guessed correctly the month of my birth (July). And she also says that when she has visions, it's not like a movie, but like a feeling. I guess that is similar to my feeling of there being a person gazing the scene.

    You know, the thing which is so difficult about remote viewing, is that oftentimes you cannot interpret how you perceive things with your knowledge of perception. It just happens sometimes. Personally I find it a quest to learn that I can perceive things as a feeling, or a hunch, but not certain if they are so. At the same time it's about letting go of the intellect, then calling upon it to execute the session.

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    An interesting post. I would associate the sense of smell (which was persistent and very real to you) to be an artifact from a bi-location experience. Whether it was in the past or the future may only be partially correct. It may have been a reality construct of your own making, or a past or future environment. If it were a dream the sense of smell would neither be as significant nor would it stay with you after you became alert after the dream/event.

    Best Regards

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    Thanks Glenn. I think you have a good point there. Smell would be less intense or nonexistent in a dream.

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