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    I spent a bit of time today going over many things. With the new year almost upon us we have yet another year in our history together. With the upcoming cycle of training which begins on Monday night with Dickís Annex-C review we pick up a bit in our group dynamic. Debraís recent project is almost in the can, but is still lacking the analysis effort. This will be the next published project upon its completion. Both Sita and Debra will be conducting familiarization on Annex B & A in the following weeks. With Hrvg withdrawing from the Courtney Brown projects we need to launch new projects in the near future as well as follow up on previous projects and targets of interest. There are several things afoot I can share.

    One of the issues Dick and I are working on is our continued support to IRVA. Of interest is coordinating more Hrvg original articles in the IRVA Aperture newsletter. I am also working to get Jim Channon to pen an article for Aperture about Remote Viewing potentials. I would also like to see an IRVA membership drive again this year for our renewals. Since Paul Smith is no longer the President I would like to be sure and support John Stahler as he takes leadership. Hrvg presentations at IRVAís annual conference seem a possibility again with John Alexander resigning from the IRVA board. Johnís grab for fame at my expense over the Goats movie had set us at odds and was the reason I did not make a presentation with Jim Channon at the last conference. Speaking of presentations, I believe that John Stahler has completed the editing for last yearís presentations and will be available within a few weeks. I am ordering Jimís presentation and we will take a class to watch it. Please make recommendations on other presentations from the conference you might like to see.

    Also we should discuss if we will be opening the website up in the New Year and what we will make publically available. The original decision by the Guild was to close the site for 6 months and that time is elapsing with the end of the year.


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    I would like to stress that some topics may contain material not suited for the outside world and that therefore those posts be removed. Of particular notion is one of Dick's posts where I recall myself thinking it would be good to make note of it for when the site is opened to the public again. Dick may know what post that is without me having to search for it, but I will if necessary.

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    No worries we will do some housekeeping before we let the public in. But the board may elect to open the website but keep the forum closed. We should start the discussion on what's to be done soon.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Glenn B. Wheaton View Post

    With Hrvg withdrawing from the Courtney Brown projects we need to launch new projects in the near future as well as follow up on previous projects and targets of interest. There are several things afoot I can share.

    Please make sure to count me in on new projects. I know I'm not in the area as much as I used to be..but since we stopped with Courtney, I've certainly got the free time available.

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    Here's a quick update on Debra's analysis project...

    I am almost done with the data extraction matrix but was setback a couple of weeks due to final exams in school. I've restarted the work and realized upon some reflection that due to the large numbers of viewers working the target, I have to be very careful when comparing data items between the viewers. The cardinal sin of analysis is to include data that is not completely corroborated between 2 or more viewers. When the corroboration between the viewers is strong, but they report the data "out of protocol" - or in different stages, the effort becomes a little more elaborate.

    I cannot stress the importance of staying within protocol enough, it really makes analysis a lot easier...but hey, I am not really complaining because based on what I have extracted so far, the congruency is spectacular, and I really hope we'll be able to look at this target and solve an issue that is of real importance to someone out there. That is the motivation that drives me, and ultimately makes this all worthwhile.

    I hope to have working notes and scenario(s) determined before Christmas if all goes well...stay tuned.

    Jim K.

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    Default Thanks for your Effort!

    Hi Jim,

    I know how busy the holiday season is--and you are studying for an exam! I appreciate all your effort in completing this project.


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