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Thread: HRVG Christmas Party!

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    Default HRVG Christmas Party!

    Hello All,

    Please join the Guild on Monday, December 20th at 6 PM at my house for our annual Christmas party. If you haven't yet RSVP ed, please email me.


  2. Default Aloha Debra...

    Aloha Debra,

    Thank you very much for hosting this year's Christmas party for the Guild. It is always a pleasure to head up the mountain to your lovely home. Please let us know if you need any earlier assistance than the 6PM showtime.


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    Phil Guest

    Default Rsvp

    2 for Phil. Eagerly awaiting driving instructions!

    We are bringing mashed potatoes and cider. :{)

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    I wanna come too! But I guess can't.

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    Phil Guest

    Default Christmas Party

    Thank you again for having us over, we enjoyed it.


  6. Default Great Christmas Party...

    Aloha Debra,

    The 2010 Guild Christmas party was a great success. The location, food, drinks , friends, and prezzies were awesome. It was very difficult not to eat and drink to extreme excess. I knew I was in trouble when I saw the platter of shrimp with the cocktail sauce . I sorta felt sorry for Dick being a vegetarian (but only for a moment). Many thanks to Debra, Vern, Brennan, Taea, Anne, Sita, Maria, Phil, et all for the great gathering and the excellent evening.


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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Anne Gets The Gift Bingo

    Great party Debra!
    Thanks for having us up.

    One would expect remote viewers to get the perfect gifts for their mates, and the ladies came through.

    I would say Anne did the best job of "tagging." I literally, honestly had a "things to buy at the store" list on my desk. While on vacation I took up the habit of drinking tea every day, and I also started eating a bit of chocolate every day. Written on my list was "buy: tea, chocolate." I'm a chocolate snob- and prefer extra dark.

    So I unwrapped Anne's gift and it was high quality green tea and fine chocolate. Bingo!

    I had an old rubber wine stopper (to keep wine fresh for a couple of days) and Maria gave me a beautiful jeweled stopper. It is in a bottle of Chardonnay right now.

    And, my brother-in-law brings over good French wine for dinner several times a month. Trouble is, I work until the last minute and he comes late, and we never give the Pomerol time to breathe. Thank you Debra for the Vinturi wine aerator. (Let me sip this Spanish wine Maria gave me- yeah, it works.)

    And thanks to Glenn for the greatest gift of all- Remote Viewing.


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    Well you know I would love to come but thats not going to happen. Maybe you can remote view me from Indiana to Hawaii? Never mind. I was thinking of "Beam me up Scotty." Hope everyone has a great time. When your tipping your elbows, have one or two for me. Make it two or three for me. (:-)

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