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Thread: Did anyone find the Chandra Levy material yet?

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    Default Did anyone find the Chandra Levy material yet?

    Just wondering if anyone has found the Chandra Levy material work that was done. It would be interesting to see how far the viewers got, now that the Case is said to be solved.

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Chandra

    I did some work on that target several months before the body was located.

    I remember sitting in a studio at KITV where we used to broadcast an hourly update on the local CNN channel. It was a small room off the main newsroom, with a producers module, a desk and a camera. It was a pain in the butt to have to be there every hour on the hour to read 3 minutes of news copy. You had to be there early, and just sit around waiting.

    One day I was sitting at the desk waiting to go on, sketching some LAND 1 rushes that I had done in a session earlier- doing follow up sketches to get the drawing exactly like what I had seen. I was sitting there drawing a decomposed woman's body in a hilly wooded area, like a park, next to a stream bed with a footbridge, and some paths in the area through the brush and trees.

    (The target was blind to me at the time.)

    A woman producer saw me sketching and asked what I was doing. I showed her my work, and said "I think this is a missing woman, maybe someone like Chandra Levy." She noted my work, and I think secretly considered me a bit whacky. I explained a little bit about remote viewing, and she was fascinated but skeptical.

    Months went by.

    She remembered my drawing. It was not something you sit around and sketch for art practice and amusement. This would have been in early 2002 or maybe late 2001.

    Later, the body was found and it was big news. We sat there and watched video tape scenes on CNN (we watched in the room where I worked on the sketch) of the area where the body was discovered.

    I had gotten feedback on the target by then. I knew the tasking, but no body had been found. But remember, this producer saw my work before I knew the target, before I got feedback, before the body was discovered.

    That producer saw the scene on CNN, and recalled my drawing, and was part impressed, part spooked by seeing the work prior to the discovery of the body.

    I need to dig that up. It might be posted in the archives somewhere.

    An interesting note. Now- years later recalling the memory of my session and memory of watching the scene on CNN- the memory of the scene from the session is stronger. The CNN memory is a few frames of video. The sensory data in the session included visual, as well as the smell of the dead leaves underfoot, the "feel" of the area, a more comprehensive knowledge of the location from being there as a remote viewer than what you get from a news clip. Recalling the CNN video coverage is a memory of a news clip. The remote viewing memory is a memory of being there.


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    I was under the impression HRVG might actually have been working it as a "case" for someone and that there was quite a bit of material/sessions done on it. Wouldn't it have been great if someone had actually zeroed in on the "killer" and giving a brief discription that could actually be matched up with the person convicted of this crime.

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Tasking/Targeteering

    The target I worked- the tasking was the location of the body, not the murderer.

    There is a more recent case coming (of a similar nature) that is just completing analysis. It will be Debra's grand entrance to the world Project Presentation.


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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Chandra Levy Session

    Note the publication date. It is prior to the discovery of the body.

    Check the session then Google "Chandra Levy Body Found" and see if my location matches the scene.

    This was a blind target, with chain of custody publication.


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    That was a great session you did. I remember it now.
    Are sessions from other viewers dealing with the case available? Did anyone even come close?

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