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Thread: 2011 Predictions?

  1. Default 2011 Predictions?

    A near year is here, anyone want to ponder the year and venture a prediction?


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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Predictions

    Great challenge.
    I'll give you 10 based on current events (not what is told in mainstream corporate press) and another 10 based on RV. Give me a week to tag out some RV predictions.

    If you don't like them, I'll will give you a bunch more at the same price. The first 5 are free, the next five are on me, no charge.

    To recap, I'll make a few predictions from "alternative news" information (Which I trust.) and then a few more based on some "sit down and tag" RV work.

    Put them on record.

    Give me a week. We could talk about this in class and make a project out of it.

    Good fun, because 2011 will see a ramping up of false flag operations for political agenda to take our freedom and clamp down New World Order control.
    Look for bombings at bus or subway stations...some lightly defended transportation area, which will cause more scanners, more intrusive draconian methods of violating the 4th amendment.

    Look for food prices to go up substantially.

    I just bought silver, and you should too.

    I am not a trained investment analyst or broker, so disregard anything I say as I pat myself on the back for buying gold stocks and paying off the mortgage on my house. (THank you Jeff Rense and your guests that made the right call.)

    I'll put something on the record- published, dated, predicted, signed sealed, and chain of custody. By 10 January.


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    Great preDICKtions!

    I predict I will finally get around to learning S4!

    Seriously, I think we'll see a major attack from the box cutter men again. I promised not to discuss this in here again so I will just agree with Dick on this.

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default Monday Night Class

    Those of you who attended class at Glenn's on Monday, 3 January...
    recall I stood up and said, "We are going to see shootings at malls. This will be an effort to bring scanners (like airport TSA checkpoints) into public places."

    It was my parting comment.

    Watch the news today... my prediction of "shootings at a Mall" unfortunately played out today at a Safeway in Arizona. Notice the location chosen was a


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    Hummmm. Would that be considered an "oxymoron."

  6. Default Aloha Dick...

    Perhaps the most difficult thing to consider when attempting to tag the near future for some event that may occur is a clear mind. This coupled with just a smidgen of a forward look and a quick understanding of the insight may just pop a look into the future. I think Dick did just that in our discussion on Monday eve. The events of the following days link back to that discussion. We are at a point where we must be careful with thoughts.


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    We are at a point where we must be careful with thoughts.

    Yea, your probably right. This really nice looking gal just moved in across the hall from me. Guess I better keep my thoughts in check! *(:-)

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    Default 2011 Predictions

    Helloall, interesting post by Dick on predictions. I used to do this at work as a joke, and then people began asking me questions and asked for predictions. They all came true and I haven't done any since.

    Here are my predictions for this year. Some may be silly, others somewhat trite, but Que Sera Sera, and I won't post doomsday stuff:

    Weather patterns continue its path of instability, especially in California, mud slides and too much rain, and then too much heat. The land is revolting.

    By the end of this year, many, many more people will be returning to their faith, whichever it may be. The surprising number of younger generation will lead the way. This is a wave of the ecumenical pendulum swinging back toward more conservative thoughts.

    South America will have more visitors from outer worlds. Something strange is happening in the area of Chile like a mass awakenin of some type (shades of Celestine Prophecies).

    The motion picture industry will put out more animated movies than ever before.

    Miracle type sightings will occur in increasing numbers in places like Rio de Janeiro and parts of Mexico. (Stuff like blood from springs or bleeding statues...??)

    Large animals will go berserk in greater numbers.

    Planetary greed will reach unprecedented proportions.

    Tornadoes will surface in strange places where they never occurred.

    Less people will travel this year.

    The Hobbit movie will be the top seller when it comes out.

    Ok, that's enough for now.

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    Please remember that I posted a comment about a dream I had about Obama being shot. Its not exactly a prediction but if it were to happen I want to be on record of having had that as a psychic dream.

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