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    It is sometimes difficult to explain some aspects of remote viewing. I have tried along the way to tell you that it is not really “What you think” but, “How you think” that is more the case for the viewer. Defining that “How to think” is very difficult; I have always been more comfortable if I have a portion of time to prepare to work a target. I have never liked the demand viewing mode that some would require from us. There are two states of mind that I can clearly define. The first state of mind is when I am caught up in the material and the pressing from the demands made from everyday life. Some of these are work, worry, keeping up with things, pondering problems or constructing actions that need to take place. This state of mind is not the most conducive to good remote viewing. The second state of mind is one where I have disassociated myself and fed my mind with a different sort of diet to be able to reach beyond myself.

    Understanding the collection method is only part of the process. If I have prepared properly I have leaned my mind to the task at hand. That task is to see or know something using remote viewing that I have no other access to. I cannot be skeptical, I must believe; I cannot have doubts, I must believe. For me as for you belief must be fact. Reinforcing belief is best done by reviewing your best work and making clear the association that it is what you have done and it does make the case for remote viewing. While I would never use remote viewing work to prove anything to anyone else, I will use my work to help me position my mind to do it again. When we are too caught up in the real world and all that it implies we distance our ability to engage remote viewing. The cool down is the last chance to clear your brain and get your mind right. If you have a good cool down that may be enough but I would ask you to consider doing more. It will make a difference in not whether you hit target but the depth of target penetration. It increases your dwell time in those moments when you push a question out to the ether and seek its answer.

    How many of you remember in the early classes when we would have a game, such as the telekinesis exercise with the little propellers balanced on needles? Or movie nights watching Derrin Brown display his mastery of NLP? Or the paper in my back pocket, or under the carpet? Then on to tagging and pushing on into masking and entrainment; skills and abilities that make others a bit uncomfortable. We have gone to Las Vegas and put on the best presentations (thanks Dick) and found the croupiers couldn’t stop us at the roulette tables. All are food for belief. Just now we are playing with messages to the past and if that don’t stretch your mind there is more awaiting us.

    We are not just remote viewers, we have changed and you cannot make light of it or forget that it all happened. It was not a dream and yes you were there. You have knowledge and experiences that the skeptics could not believe and others in our community do not want to believe because it makes what they are and what they do not quite as shiny. You must keep your belief up and remember what you are. It is so easy to be normal, so easy to take the path most traveled. My invitation is to push on and be a bit more daring. Who dares… wins…


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    I still have to pull some of my targets (I saved only the good ones) and look at them again because it's still hard to believe I actually "DID IT!"

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    Glenn, your post made me think of this quote from Maya Angelou:

    "Courage: the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can't practice any other virtue consistently."

    Thank you!
    Jim K

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