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    How about a DVD as an Adjunct to Edging or do you already have one made up?
    I would like VERY much too actually SEE how it is done and how the "breathing" is preformed to get one into theta. Id like to also hear more of the theory behind it.


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    I second that! Alas, S4 is my obstacle (I don't like S4 at all).

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default S-4 - Edging

    S-4 and Edging are all part of a continuum.

    The HRVG protocol methodology is designed to initiate target contact at the most simple and basic perception, then gradually walk the viewer closer and closer to target.

    You learn the letters of the alphabet. You learn to assemble them into words. You arrange the words into sentences, within a structure of the language. The sentences form paragraphs. The paragraphs build to pages, and chapters, and finally you have a book.

    If your goal is to produce a book you wouldn't say, "I don't like like writing chapters."

    I'm not giving you a hard time Coen. I LOVE S-4. S-4 is where you get to look at each gestalt and go for highly detailed, conceptual data.

    Edging was where I had my first eerie, stand the hair up on my arms, full visual RV experience.

    I'll make you guys a video. Keep reminding me via private email.

    S-4 is where I have produced the most valuable data for analysis. Edging is where I have had the most fun.


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    Hi Dick:
    I have the S4 DVD but that DVD on Edging would be VERY helpful. While I get the basic idea, I'd like to actually see a live presentation of "the proper" way to place the hands on the eyes and the "proper" breathing.

    Any explication you could provide on the DVD and any contribution by Glenn would be great.

    BTW I sent everyone including you a change of email address so I hope it woun't be a problem changing it in your HRVG files.


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    Dick, no offense taken, I understood and laughed even.

    S4 makes me lose my concentration, that is why I dislike it. With S1 through S2 NIMO it's just WHAM!, WHOOSH! and GO! GO! GO!, rapid firing of mental imagery and recording it on paper. After S3, I'm redoing it all over again one after the other.

    When I'm at work and someone disturbs me, I sometimes need several minutes to regain my concentration. When coding websites, this is especially tiresome. Of the targets I have done S4's for, it was this stage where I lost my focus.

    I have thought about sending in targets and just ignoring S4, but didn't because I didn't want to offend.

    I for one will be interested in seeing the video, even though I can't yet use it.

    As an aside, the three targets sitting on my Desktop I have 'taken to bed' a few times now, following Debra's experience, storing a target ID in memory and memorizing it as I fall asleep. I've had some interesting dreams with them, but didn't write them down after waking up in the morning.

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