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Thread: January 2011 Prediction Event Feedback

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    Dick Allgire Guest

    Default January 2011 Prediction Event Feedback

    Earlier this month Dave Barnes and Dick Allgire quietly published a prediction of an event for January 2011.
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    Default Incredible Work by Dick and Dave

    I saw Dave's session which Dick showed everyone last week in class and it was awesome!!! Wouldn't it be neat if we could take this kind of information and turn it into a world pool of future forecasted events (like in the movie Minority Report, except without the action) to be watched. Right now, this is still within the "untouchable" realm of science and only those few credentialed adventurers will take note.

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    This is the kind of target contact I aspire to to!

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    More amazing work by both of you! Just think what we could accomplish if we did this full-time!

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    Wow, amazing work. And the drawing's are crisp too Dick!

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